Soviet Israeli Propaganda

Soviet Israeli Propaganda

Not many know that there were a lot of socialistic oriented people in the beginning of the modern Israel country. They were supporting Russian Communistic political course greatly and even issued such propaganda.
“Long live to Socialism!”

Soviet Russian propaganda on Hebrew 2
“Long live to the Great October Revolution! Long live for the war of the USSR for the freedom of all the nations and the victory of socialism!”

Soviet Russian propaganda on Hebrew 3
“Long live for the union of Israel an USSR!”

Soviet Russian propaganda on Hebrew 4
“Devoted to June, 22nd:
Long live for the Red Army!
Long live for the socialistic zionism!”

Soviet Russian propaganda on Hebrew 5
Soviet Russian propaganda on Hebrew 6
“All the workers – unite!”

Soviet Russian propaganda on Hebrew 7
“May 1st, 1950”

Soviet Russian propaganda on Hebrew 8
“Work with your one hand and hold the spear with another!”

Soviet Russian propaganda on Hebrew 9
“May 1st, 1959”

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  1. Well Communism was for the poor people thats why Russia was poor under USSR and is still poor even today. They will never be rich like in the west 🙁

      • Why American? Tell us about Indian women. Are they smart and poor as Russians? I guess the answer is yes. Good for them 🙂

    • what are you talking about? Russia is the second country in the world for the amount of billionaires =))) that would be impossible if the country was poor. as for the poor people of Russia, there are various reasons why they are not poor. and the main one is that the political system does not favour to the small business. communism has nothing to do with the poverty. and if your only value is money, than you’ll be poor forever – you’ll never have money enough to satisfy you.

    • that’s because jews created, financed and installed communism in USSR, communism=jewish, period. learn some history, russians were duped. jew communism in russia was evil.

        • Yes, on the burning flags stomped on by backwards Muslims like you, who ruin the world wherever you go. Goodbye Sweden, Germany, UK, France and Australia. Hell, goodbye Russia. I give it 20 more years before it becomes part of the Islamic empire.

      • Ain’t it wonderful to have Jews to be blamed for everything? If it weren’t for Jews, it would be… whom? Inuits?

        And tho some of the participants in the revolution were Jews, majority were Russians. Lenin wasn’t a Jew, last time I checked. Stalin was a Georgian. Marx was a German (I visited his birth-city, very nice).

        Make up your minds already. Are Jews commies or are they gold-hoarding-hardcore-capitalists? Communist propaganda was demonstrating Jews as collaborators of the evil western bolschevik ideas, while Stalin himself was a known Antisemite.

        The internet is such a lovely place. It lets me learn better of how most people truly think for it lets them rabble hatred while shielded by anonymity and spew poison they’d never dare say out in the open.
        If you’re such brave keyboard warriors, come out and put a banner on your window, or you think the ZOG will get you?

  2. So what’s wrong with either one?
    Jewish commies ruled the world!

    As for the poor people of Soviet Union, well at least their condition was stable. No financial crisis, no unemployment, no homeless people, free education, inexpensive book, theater, museums. And the values? What can be better then ideal socialistic values? Yes, communism does not work, planned economy does not work, we all know that – but was not it a hell of a good try?

    One day the specter of communism will come back to haunt us, but only when people will be ready for it. For now we have to stick to the old model of “democratic” imperialistic capitalism.

    • Communism is/was only FOR the party elite – they are the ones who get/got rich – the rest of the country is/was taken advantage of…

  3. Of course communism didn’t only enchanted the minds of russians, but of people all over the world. (this doesn’t mean im for communism)

    i think an interesting thing we should look at is the graphic style of the communist propaganda, wherever communism spread, the graphic style of their propaganda kept unchanged, for example here, in Chile, during the late 60s and along the 70s (until 1973) the left propaganda was exactly the same as that of russia, israel, korea, cuba, etc.

    i think its really valuable, the use of illustration and xilography they did and of course, the “heroic socialism” in this posters featuring workers as heroes, being the workers themselves the main character of the propaganda, but not the actual leaders.

    the 5th foto looks like botero.

  4. Also, I want to know if you have recorded anymore songs. I still remember when you starred in Team America, and how you sang, “I’m so wone-wee . . . so wone-wee. . . .”

    Send a link so I can download your latest recordings.

  5. I have $1,000,000 for anyone who can smuggle me out of my apartment in Manhattan and into Israel. Interested parties please reply ASAP.

  6. In my country (Glorious Russia) – there many jews. Jews likes cash-moneys and are parasites. We will destroy all jew eggs before the next jew hatching season.

  7. All Chileans I’ve dealt with in U.S. are pretty intelligent.
    Mostly, the opinion about Hispanics is not the most positive in this country, but I think that’s because people associate ALL hispanics with Beaners (Mexibugs) – when there are very different people from Chile, Argentina, even Colombia.
    What’s ‘botero’ btw? =)

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  10. Okay, to explain a few things – up until about 1977, the mainstream form of Zionism was Labor Zionism, a movement which believed in socialism. Labor Zionists believed living on the kibbutz (collective farm) was considered the ultimate lifestyle. In fact, there was a big split in the Zionist movement between the communists and the socialists, especially in how to treat Stalin and the Soviet Union.

    So it’s not that surprising that there would be posters like this in Israel, especially since back in the 40s-50s the Soviet Union was supportive of Israel.

  11. kabin dejame felicitarte porque la manera en que redactas es fascinante. kabin Por primera vez he encontrado contenido digno en la red. Un saludo. kabin

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