41 thoughts on “No Greenpeace, Please”

  1. Happily, this little protestor is wearing green, the color of Islam, and it will ensure that he dies as a shaheed, a martyr, and goes straight to Paradise.

    Sadly, I don’t think the Russian police really intend to kill him. Instead, based on the way they are carrying my little green friend in the third photo, and based on the lusty expressions on their faces, I think they plan to re-enact the famous basement scene from famous movie Pulp Fiction.

    Wishing our little Green friend Peace,
    M. Ahmadinejad

  2. The trashcan was demonstrating against a trash incinerator in moscow

    heres the story:

    and the incident:

  3. One of the few times in the last fifty years the French showed decisive action and strong will. If they had been that way more often, their empire today would consist of more than a piece of jungle on the northern coast of South America and a few islands scattered about.

    They couldn’t beat any of the indigenous Africans or Asians (who have now about taken over several cities on the French mainland), but they sure blew those Greenpeace protestors out of the water!

  4. the french also apparently supervised the killing of hundreds of thousands of people in the rwandan genocide, so they’ve been a more murderous lot lately

  5. What is troublesome is that every protest or manifestation not promoting or supporting the current politics [etc.] is suppressed and broken up straightaway.
    No freedom of speech. Every potential ‘danger’ should be nipped in the bud, like in Stalin’s times. Not good.

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  7. Do not let cartoon character fool you:

    Greenpeace = American TERRORISTS!!!

    George Bush and Obama fight war on terror? They should start by send Greenpeace to Gitmo for “Interogation”!!!

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  10. а что все глумятся? у нас в России до сих пор экологии больше чем у всех, поэтому имеем право так поступать, а Вы только завидовать должны.

  11. а что все смеються?
    у нас в России до сих пор экологии больше чем у всех, поэтому имеем право так поступать,
    а Вы только завидовать должны, и мукулатуру собирать.

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  13. Its takes a realy small brain for someone to run around dressed as a dorky looking trashcan and GREENPEACE are those small brained nuts

  14. Special Interest Groups, Environmental Groups and the likes can destroy a country from the inside out…Its important to keep groups like these in check and if anything banned from spreading messages….

    The USA has been destroyed by groups like these…creating laws, influencing votes, corrupting justice, causing a stagnant society.. We cant drill, cant smoke cigarettes, taxed to death
    We have the Oil Police, Cigarette Police, Environmental Police, Thought Police, matter of fact we have a cop for just about anything you can think of… Soon, they are gonna start taxing the air we exhale, its called Cap N Trade!!

    The sad thing is, looking at all these pics, Russia has the same problem with what I call a Police State……

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  16. Hah,hah the Green terrorists will never find a nesting place in Russia. The Kremlin is not interested in emission trading schemes and will encourage it’s strategic counterparts India and China to reject the fraudulent global warming theory.


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