10 thoughts on “Car Revenge”

  1. OMG Russians have such an inborn sense of fairness, and look at all the expensive cars! Russia has truly become a rich country! 🙁

  2. About 10 years ago, I was driving my GF to a show in Los Angeles. I took a shortcut through a rough neighborhood. She didn’t like it, but I told her not to worry, no problems. Then we drove past an auto repair shop that had a car in front. It was riddled with bullet holes and someone had spray-painted on it: “NEXT TIME YOU DIE!”. I could not explain that one. Oh, well.

  3. Once upon a time, I become angered at farmer from next willage for sell to me 1 defective goat (it had only 1 milk teat). I decide for revenge! I walk at night 28km to him willage. As secrect, I tie rubber toy for sex to seat of his tractor. I walk 28km back to home. Next day I go to see how anger farmer is at finding “treasure” on tractor. I see he selling rides to willagers!!!!

  4. hehehehe I remember I spend an hour looking for a free parking lot in a concurred shopping mall; as I didn´t find any I stoped my car and wait for another 30 minutes, when I saw a car getting out, so I put my cross light to that direction to other cars can see that I claimed that spot, but suddendly another car came from nowhere and stole it, he got quick before I get into that space; so I said to myself you will see now, *sshole. wait another half an our to park my car, I walked to that car and scratch it with my keys, Iam thinking in buying a paint sprayer so it can be more damage. Come on, people have to learn where they should park their car, not behind my car because I can´t get out, not in my parking lot on my appartment, and if you see that someone got a free parking lot before you do, don´t get angry dond´t steal it neither, you just keep looking

  5. Perhaps the most interesting shot the lexus SUV with “CPSU” (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) sprayed down the side. A sign of things to come in the current economic crisis?

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