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Speaking about street ads and it’s abundance in the streets of Russian cities now people always append to the Soviet Era when there were almost no ads on the streets.
Well, it’s true that during the Soviet reign they didn’t advertise any goods or services on the streets, because there was no competition and Russian people had no choice what to buy, so there were absolutely no need to ask them to buy.
What amuses me most, is that during Communist Party rule the most advertised stuff was the Communism itself. People were constantly reminded about the absolute necessity of Communism in their lives and about that it is the only right way.

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  1. Unbearably sad. One has to agree though: communism was a noble idea. In fact, I sort of think that the reason it did not succeed is because we, as people, are not ready for it.

    • executing people was not part of the “idea of communism,” just in case you had a hard time reading.
      if you study human psychology at all, you’d know that people are social, tribal creatures that love to conform, obey, and comply. Even a survey course, for chrissakes, talks about the milgram experiments, where middle-of-the-road, honest, normal, capitalist, and “free-willed” Americans complied with requests that was on par with the holocaust.

      Oh well that doesn’t fit neatly in your worldview though does it?

      • You should go back and read The Communist Manifesto again. Even Marx talks about the need for purges and constant revolution.

        Yes, the majority of people of average intelligence are conformists, but that does not mean that they are the only ones in a society. Society only moves forward on the backs of the free thinkers and non-conformists, the very people totalitarian governments wish to silence. So, in a Communist country the idea is to maintain the staus quo, and not to advance whereas capitalism advances mankind by way of the free market. Products are brought to market that average people lack the intelligence to design, and then the average people adopt the best of those products into their daily lives. Eventually, the best of these ideas trickle down to the lowest socio-economic layers of society by means of the economies of scale.

    • If you could please re-read my comment, that’d be great! =)
      Uhm, I said the IDEA (emphaize)

      It’s absurd to compare islam to communism. Also, the very underlining idea of communism is free will and free choice. Read up on it.

      p.s. – by no means am I defending communism.

    • Communism is only as good as it’s leaders are. And sadly, according to history, the leaders have always (mostly) been the bad ones.

    • Dear anon,

      I’m much more handsome, and much more alive, than Lenin. Plus, the psychological manipulation methods used by the communists are very similar to the methods I use to inform and educate my people as I lead them to greatness.

      Therefore, I will have my people send you a lifesize photo of me. Would you prefer a profile, which shows my man-sized forehead and firm jawline, or a frontal shot, in which you can see the sexy crow’s feet around my eyes, the dimples in my cheeks, and my abundance of healthy white teeth?

      Yours in humble humility,
      M. Ahmadinejad
      Poster-boy for manipulative management methods

      • President Ahmadinejad feel wery comfortable to appear in public in poorly made ill-fit suit. Admirable quality to have in president; At minimum, you can tell he not spending all of nation’s treasure on clothings. Plus he good at teaching journalistic styling of Angliski language.

  2. Dear ER,

    “during the Soviet reign they didn’t advertise any goods or services on the streets because there was no competition”

    Yes, but there were spontaneous outbreaks of capitalism from time to time, and there was a report of one very serious period of competition during the big war. For details, see the secret report I posted under the recent post about colored Soviet soldiers in WW2.

    Looking forward to more open KGB files,
    M. Ahmadinejad
    Former Intelligent Operative

  3. haha yes that’s exactly how the free market works. It’s a good thing that second-rate philosopher Adam Smith let us know of that, before, you know, there was any scientific way to measure economics. Good thing ideas like “psychology” and the mathematical concepts of uncertainty and randomness haven’t changed the thinking on our good ole free market, creating awesome things like the great depression, industrial slavery, neo-social darwinism, etc.

    it’s also helpful you mention Marx’s outline for constant revolution and how communism doesn’t innovate in the same thought without any dose of irony.

    • Perhaps you would find time to read “The GULAG archipelago” by A.Solženitsõn, then you would get a better idea about those killings…
      Of course, not too much names of murderers or victims because “soviets” (I would not use term “russians” ) were not so meticulous about keeping records like their national-socialist German counterparts did, but still, you will get the idea.

  4. Now people would rather be at the mercy of a corporation who is constantly looking to lower wages of their workers & provide zero benefits in the name of raising its value to stockholders.

    Then the charge the most they can for their products.

    When people talk about communist killers, It makes me laugh. More people have died in the name of protecting corporations interests.

    During communism do you remember anybody locking their doors, or having vandalism & so many hate crimes? That was non existent. Now people are constantly at each others throats in the name of money.

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  6. Communism might work let’s say on a tiny island…however, 100 million people is ridiculous considering how corrupt some people are…there is no way to police that many people to ensure they receive an equal amount of the pie…thats absurd to think that can happen..and to put this on such a large group of people like Russia or China or the USA even is disgusting…..

    Man was meant to be free, invent, build, and dream….


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