Soviet Soldiers at World War 2 in Color

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 80

Such photos always fascinate me. I mean the color photos from the past, the older the better. These ones is no exception. We got used to see only black and white photos from the World War 2 – the color photography was very expensive at that times and actually was not widely implemented, and especially usually nobody took the expensive equipment to the battlefront. Still there are some color photos from the times where our grandfathers were young, like 70 years ago.

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 1

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 2

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 3

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 4

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 5

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 6

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 7

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 8

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 9

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 10

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 11

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 12

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 13

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 14

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 15

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 16

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 17

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 18

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 19

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 20

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 21

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 22

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 23

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 24

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 25

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 26

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 27

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 28

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 29

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 30

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 31

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 32

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 33

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 34

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 35

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 36

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 37

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 38

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 39

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 40

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 41

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 42

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 43

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 44

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 45

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 46

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 47

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 48

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 49

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 50

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 51

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 52

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 53

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 54

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 55

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 56

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 57

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 58

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 59

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 60

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 61

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 62

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 63

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 64

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 65

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 66

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 67

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 68

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 69

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 70

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 71

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 72

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 73

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 74

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 75

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 76

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 77

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 78

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 79

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 80

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 81

Russian soldiers during World War 2, color photo 82


178 thoughts on “Soviet Soldiers at World War 2 in Color”

    • I wonder if any of those soldiers took part in soviet war crimes, like murdering civilians in Finland or eastern europe, or murdering POWs

          • Between the nazi exterminations, the japanese in China, the allied bombing campaigns against civilian population centers and the soviets in Germany, yeah, everybody had blood on their hands.

            The western allies conducted themselves far better, but a soldier is fundamentally a soldier.

            • US and British soldiers didn’t suffer a brutal occupation with millions of their citizens murdered. Neither did 3.5 million of the prisoners of war die of starvation.

            • some pic’s are staged and propoganda as well as mixed with some modern recrested pic’s . The sovit soldier’s that did meet any western forces were sent back to sovier Siberia. The Government was as much as the German or Japanese .

          • Well, yeah, not every soldier, but certainly in every army in every war.

            All the worst abuses stem from racism. If you want your rank & file soldiers to fight fanatically – you have to portray the enemy as animals who deserve to die. Quite difficult to stop war crimes if that is your message to your soldiers/people.

            • Shur, molodetz, well said. As for you miss Nina Germany, I am guessing you`re one of those poor germans who were gang raped by some Tajik soldiers? You suck, and before treating russian/soviet soldiers of rapists and killers, go read what your lovely germans did while in Russia, how many MILLIONS they killed and tortured AND raped. So screw you!

      • And after they finished killing the pathetic German Army, Raping their women. (Hoping to bread some civility into an boorish race of idiots) They Kept what was left of the German under their heal for almost 45 years. And they hung scores of German soldiers for their crimes against the people of Europe. Kind of make you warm and fuzzy when you think about it!

        • Pathetic in a way. I’m not German and I object all war crimes, but you Ruskies killed about 20-30 million of your own innocent people during those decades, more than anyone else – and were led by a biggest lunatic in the world history.. after him follows Adolf, Mao, Pol Pot and others.

          And yes, you were a part of the force that was able to defeat the Germans led by a crazy corporal..with USA (supreme economic power), Great Britain (that controlled over 70% of the world, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and some others who bombed German cities and factories to pieces.

    • It’s a stereoscopic rangefinder. Basically each end has lens and a prism in it which are targeted at the eyepiece. You rotate one of the cylinders thus moving one of the prisms. When the two images overlap in the eyepiece you have an angle and a width (the tube length) and thus you can calculate the range (distance) often from a table on the tube.

    • Sorry, but these pictures is not color. They are colorized afterwards. I’m not saying there is no color pictures from eastern front, but not these. These was captured as bw.

  1. WOW! I’m speechless, this is the BEST post so far for me!

    I’d like to thank the creators of this website for the awesomeness =)

    The damaged German tank picture – is that from shaped charge rounds? It’s pretty cool, it looks like steel was butter for a second!


    • Note that not all of the rounds went off/bounced off. Look at the first four impact points on the hull from left to right. The back of the rounds are sticking out. I would guess that they are 2-3cm across. So if I’m correct they were 20-30mm rounds. Given that I’m guessing someone peppered that tank with an anti-aircraft gun like a Flak-30 or Flak-38.

      I’m not certain if they’d be effective against heavy armor like that. But if I was facing down and tank and that’s the heaviest weapon I had I’d sure try. If nothing else I’m certain it was scary as hell hearing those things bounce off your armor inside that tank.

      • Thanx for the info, just read about the Flak guns, those things are pretty damn impressive. I guess if you shoot any tiny thing with enough velocity, it’d be deadlier than shooting something heavy (according to F=mv^2)

        The reason I thought shaped charges were involved is because the steel melted <- however, no shaped charges have pointy steel projectiles in them =) So I guess I’m wrong!

    • Also for your second question, look at the thread two post above about the stereoscope range finder (the thing the guy is looking into).

        • Nope; just interested in military history.

          The stereoscopic rangefinder I know about from my family. My dad was the chief gunnery officer on the USS Frank Knox (a gearing class destroyer) during the Korean War. His station was in a turret above the bridge and it had a huge (like 20foot) stereoscopic range finder built into it in addition to the radar, binoculars and a mechanical firing solution computer to help him aim the guns.

          • Whoa, so your dad was a weapons officer in the navy – I was in the navy! I’m also nuts about the military tech =)
            It blows my mind – how before computers and electronics, people figured out how to solve complex problems 100% MECHANICALLY!

    • The KV-1 you are speaking of was hit by 37mm, 50mm, 75mm and 88mm rounds. It appears to be used as target practice of some sort because of the numerous rounds that pierced the turret and hull. One or Two rounds piercing the armor is usually sufficient to kill/incapacitate the crew. The 75mm and 88mm rounds were the death of this tank. The 37mm and 50mm rounds are the ones that appear to make the armor look like butter. They were fired at very close range. More than likely the shots were of the solid variety rather than HEAT rounds.

    • OMG look at the brave Russians liberators who saved Europe from fascist tyrann, Russians are the bravest people in the world! 🙁

      • Do you have any idea how many millions of RUSSIANS Stalin killed? When the communists came to power in Russia they wiped out almost all officers in the army, hundreds of thousands were murdered by Stalin. Because of that, they lost big time against the tiny nation of Finland when they attacked them. Then they realized that they messed up real bad and barely managed to retrain the army before the Germans attacked (The loss against Finland was proof to Hitler that Soviet were a “lower race”). And during the WW2, Stalin sent tens of millions of people to their deaths, and even after the war he kept on killing his own people. Of the German POW’s that were captured by the Soviets, few returned. There might have been some “brave” soldiers, but most of them had only two options; fight, or die. Once the soldiers came to Germany itself there were few women that managed to avoid rape and death, as a payback for what happened in Soviet. And then there’s the Warsaw uprising, where Stalin ordered his soldiers to hold and only moved in after the Germans had wiped them out and demolished the city. No, the Soviets were not so great. Even worse than the Nazis in many cases.

        • Wow, what I find really sad is that people like Miss India, Aen and Randal get some “information” (if it can be called that) from American mass media, which is by definition a propaganda machine, designed for all westerners to hate Russia at all cost. By doing so, they completely dishonor the sacrifice of the SOVIET nations (and there were alot of nations fighting the Germans on the Soviet side), all those people that gave everything for the war effort, beggining with soldiers, nurses, even kids who worked at factories assembling airplanes and tanks. So get your facts straight before yapping, or someone will find out who you really are from your IP adress….believe me, it is possible

  2. I’m always amazed how adding colours to these pictures can make them so more real. I suppose when the photo is obviously an old black and white image we can safely file it away as belonging in the past, maybe the colour brings the image back to the present. Either way it’s a great collection of photos 🙂

  3. wow look at how happy they are raping and pillaging Europe.

    All in a fulls day of work for a kodachrome group of pseudo-warrior drunks

  4. I remember those times! Very nice! Me and other Russian soldiers were show ladies SEXY TIME! against their will!

    Russian army good! We had food very often!
    I would like to use those nurses! WAAWAA-WEEEWA! IS NIICE!

    Miss India, if you no like Russia, you can just shave the pubis from your khram! Russia the best!

  5. Well ronan, in the late part of the war the USSR went in the war against Japan too, they took the Kuril Islands from them and it´s rummored that something that motivated them to enter in war against Japan was the revenge of the Russian defeat in the Russo-Japanese war, between other factors

  6. Except 3 or 5 photos, the rest are colored B&W photos. The guy in the it’s using a optical rangefinder.

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  8. No intention to spoil the mood, but most of these photo’s, if not all, are hand painted BW photo’s. Old school Photoshop, so to speak. Quite well done in most photo’s !

    I got suspicious when I noticed how shiny and well-painted the artillery and the tanks were… no signs of wear !

    • LOL yep… especially this one:

      Still, you have to admire the effort! I can’t stop watching these amazing pics.

      This one’s my favorite:

      Pozitivnaya fotka:

  9. Most of these wartime photos appear to have been hand-tinted rather than being true color photographs. That was a very common procedure through the mid-to-late 1950s, when color photography got cheap(er).

    • Well, Ahs-so-l, let me remind you. The Japanese Empire invaded China first (Massacre in Nanjing – more then 200 000 civilians killed brutally). Then attcked Perl Harbour in a mean way. What were you expecting for?

  10. Albeit color brings out the realism of a photo in some respects, these are black and white photos that have been colorized. Although I am not sure when each were enhanced, Adobe’s Photoshop can do this job very easily. I was a photo restoration professional for many years, also, unless these photos were hidden away, any sunlight would ‘wash’ away the red spectrum, leaving a blue-ish image today, anything 20 years old from today begin to lose its vibrant color. the men standing on a bridge, was the only one I could say, was a color photo. Beautiful photos however.

  11. I don’t want to sound extreme, but compared to Russians, Germans were BARBARIC and worse in Russia.

    Death rate of German POWs in Russian captivity = 14%
    Death rate of Russian POWs in German captivity = 64%

    Oh, one more thing: Germans burned Russian villagers alive.

    I guess the most important thing is for that the whole world knows what happened. Know the nature of the kraut.

    • Where did you get these figures ?

      Percentages do not mean a lot. How about some absolute figures ? I think Germans did not have that many Russian POWs to begin with.
      If I’m correct i.e. almost all soldiers in Von Paulus’ army were captured at Stalingrad [91,000 or so] and only about 5000 returned [1955]. Over 25 % died within a few weeks.

      • Look it up, douchebag. About 3.5 million out of 5.7 million Soviet prisoners of war died in German capitvity, largely to do starvation and disease. German treatment of Soviet POWs differed dramatically from German policy towards POWs from Britain and the United States, countries the Nazis regarded as racial equals to the Germans. Of the 231,000 British and American prisoners held by the Germans during the war only about 8,300 — 3.6 percent — died in German custody.

      • Wow, No wonder your people still trade camels for women. I say we should nuke all of you and be done with it. But before nuking send everyone back.

  12. =)))) wow is all I can say. Can’t image how much and and effort you put into it. Great story =))), keep writing, surely some day you can become a great author.

  13. Sweetheart, just in case you haven’t been told my a good friend or doctor, I’m letting you know now: YOU HAVE A SCREW LOOSE.

  14. money is not everything and poor does not mean miserable. if you are happy when you are well-fed, it does not mean that everyone is like you. people are not dogs, you know: it matters, where you get food from.

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  16. I find it interesting that while studying color photography at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology at Walter Reed in the 60’s we used text books from the forties that were classified materials during WWII. They still had the classification stamped across the top. I thought it funny at the time they would classify something like color processing and now I find it even funnier seeing the Russians already had it and with equal or perhaps better quality.

    • some of these might be taken with color film, but most of them look like colorized B&W photos. Ones that look like they were taken with color film would be: the second one, the third one, the one with the guy wearing the really big boots, the one that is just the tank turret all shot up, and the one with the two soldiers on the bridge with the American and Soviet flag visible…

      the rest of them, the colors are too solid and absolute… also there is little variation in colors that would correspond with variations in light, shadows….

      colorization of photos is almost as old as photography itself. Even the movie Hell’s Angels has scenes that were hand-colorized… and that movie is sold old that when they started filming it, it was supposed to be a silent picture.

      Don’t get me wrong, these are still fantastic photos… but they were not taken with color film.

  17. Why are you insulting me ? Act with decency and class and you will be treated likewise by people.

    I was not aware of those figures, now I am.

    On a side note, many German POW were used to rebuild Russia after the war. Here in Dolgoprudny there is one sturdy building standing out between the crumbling old blocks en the new apartment buildings. Build by German POW and quality wise far better than the stuff build around it. So something positive after all !:)

  18. Looking at these color pics reminds me that we’re all human.

    Especially the pic below of the captured Germans:

    DEATH to the scum that brought war to these people, both sides, turning many of them into monsters.

    One good story I know of is about my Russian friend’s grandfather that survived the war in a German POW camp run by Christians. He became a Christian there and upon return to the USSR was promptly sent to Siberia for having been captured by the Germans. After he was let out he spent a further 30 years in Soviet work camps for being a Christian pastor. He kept in touch with his former captors (not sure that helped with the Soviet authorities) and met up with them in Berlin after the wall came down. These German friends wrote a biography of his life, would be an interesting read.

    We should all get together and have a group hug, why all the hate?

  19. Splendid soldiers, who contributed to the defeat of Nazism.
    Still Germans were real warriors too.
    I can’t help feeling sadness remembering that war between two great peoples, maybe the greatest on the planet (both Germans and Russians), it was an European Civil War.
    The Japanese were great too, but had to be defeated.
    All this is History now, we should forget our quarrels and all , Americans, Europeans, Russians, Japanese,Israelians unite in front of the Islamist threat , today’s challenge.
    MIR, DRUZHBA (Peace & Friendship)
    Long live the Glorious Red Army (and the White Russians too!)

    • Amen. Anti-semitism and anti-Christianity are growing, and Islam is on the march. If we don’t stand together against them, they will destroy or at least dominate us all. That is their goal, and anyone who doesn’t believe it simply has not been listening and watching, and has not studied the military strategies of Islam from the time Mohammad roared out of the desert of Arabia until the siege of Venice.

      Unfortunately, their masterful mix of propaganda, oil money, and intimidation (see the change of government in Spain in 2004) are working very well.

  20. I spent a year in the Soviet Union as an exchange student, from 1986-1987, and I enjoyed myself very much. I was glad to get back to America, because I missed my home, but I came to enjoy my time spent with the Russian people.

    As an amateur historian and military modeller, I very much appreciate these photos being posted. What a wonderful archive.

    Thank you, people of Russia, for your sacrifice in World War II, and for helping to rid the world of Hitler and Nazism.

  21. Indeed, not only anti-Semitism is on the rise, but also anti-Islam. I am Muslim and I don’t have any interest in dominating you guys, thank you.

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  23. You really have no idea do you? Turning back the Nazis was one of the few good things to come out of Stalins reign. If the nazi armies hadn’t been depleted by this defeat, and if they’d enlisted the red army and their supplies, then hilter may have won the war. There was no humiliation about it, in fact you sadden me; why would you post such a humiliating post?

    Your post is an affront to all the “poor young innocent souls” who gave their lives in the Russia-German war.

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  25. Wonder how many of those German soldiers died at the hands of the brutal communist POW regime?..Huge mistake letting Stalin have so much power.

  26. Very good photos! I’m glad you shared them with the world.

    They remind me much of LIFE magazine’s photography from that era. Troops posing with their weapons, nurses giving checkups, prisoners under capture, sailors smiling, etc.

    Editors would never allow showing the real brutality of war in those times. They only wanted to show success. The enemy in ruins. Cities being freed. People having plenty. It was like that whether you were American or Soviet.

    Wonderful photos, though. A rare treat to see some of the film-work from the Soviet side. Na Zdorovje!

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  33. Not all of these pictures are original color pictures. Some of them are just grayscale pictures which were colored later. Who cares, they are all nice. Fascism should not pas! Long live CNT-FAI, long live CCCP!

    By the way people, I suggest you to watch the 1945 victory parade of the Soviet’s which is a COLOR film(Yes, a color film made in 1945 and the quality is not so bad ;D) Just search for it on the web.

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  37. I am looking for Varazdat Levoni Matevosian was born in 1921
    in armenia villag chakhkahovit.Hi was solger USSR in WW2.pleas help my.

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  39. Red Army all the stronger

    мисс индии хочу сказать отдельно….

    ты йобаное патаскухо гари в аду мрась!

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  44. Very nice photos from WW2. Some extra information would be appreciated (front, date, …).
    Большое спасибо.


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  47. who are you to call russians anything. You don’t anything about our culture, history or war tactics. Russians achieved many goals and look at russians today. rich, have nice cars, houses and own a lot of property. so think again before you open your big mouth. Germany is the reason for world war 2. germany attaked russia [you should know history] and I hope you know that germans are the reason why most of the jews in this world suffered because of the god damn germans. im not scared at all to say that im 13 years old. what are you going to do about it!!!???

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  49. Most of these photos are painted ones, meaning made in black and white and later painted with some inks.
    That’s just…ahh….

  50. Thank you for the photos. Colorizing made them seem contemporary in a way I didn’t expect. My dad fought in New Guinea and Guadalcanal, btw.

    I’m really enjoying the English Russia site.

  51. I think the soviets had an idilical world. It’s reason than they scape from Russia and East Europe to West trougth ’50s; ’60s;’70s… till 1991.
    Germans stay in their land when Hitler rule them.
    And now, russians change rich burocrats for the maffia.
    And russians women chat to hook extrangers for married and fleed to the “paradise”.
    What a country! Better you should surrendered to germans!!!!

  52. God bless the Russian people and other members of the former Soviet Union. During WWII they showed bravery and toughness while enduring great hardship. Truly a great people.

  53. The man inside the frist photo, seems to be a black men. Somebody may indicate me, if have been black soldiers in Soviet army during WWII? If not what is the origin of this extrage photography?

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  55. Excellent!! We need this reminder of heroic Russian sacrifice as the rest of the world AGAIN slides into western corporate facism and eastern islamic facism.

  56. Miss India (Paki)is the kind of facist garbage these soviets humiliated. The muslim facists will soon reap the horror and cruelty they have sown and what a beautiful day that will be.

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  61. Wow, amazing. The collor fotgraphs really makes it sink in, dosent it. U must have worked hard to make this collection, and comments. Really f#¤%& me up. It becomes so close somehow.Should have been a book.
    Unfortunately I see some people use pictures like this to fuel their own patrionism. I am sure that was not your point.
    WW2 was an example of how cruel humanity can get. Since history is written by the viktorius we often forget that cruelty was commited by everyone.
    Studies show that when exposed to war, over a certain time, all humans become brutalized, and by that I mean indifferent to others suffering. It dosent matter where u are from, its a psykic survival mechanism.
    As for the regimes, its important to be able to difirentiate betwen the individual soldiers and the leaders their fighing for. Not unlike today (probably more so) the soldiers fought, I dont like saying for their country, but to protect their loved ones, having no clue about politics or idealism. And remember that even the attackers belived this (That they were protecting their loved ones). Some commited emensly cruel things, others where true humanitaies. But this was not because of where they came from! But because of indoktrination, brutalisation and konstant propaganda telling them they where the best.
    Im blabbering, (Im a teacher), but please lets stop this blaming, and “we were the best” stuff. That is not what WW2 teaches us. If anything WW2 teaches us that monsters come in any shapes, and that “We are the good ones” are their favorite slogan.
    So lets debate ww2 without that kind of nasionalism, and honor the people the people who died and fought to show us that war is the trigger for humanitys latent dark side, and make it our goal to make sure it never happens again.

    Anyway,if anyone know more about the 45 Russia-Manchuria campaign i would love some info as it hard to come by.

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  63. For me seeing this in color makes me realize the reality of war black and white was something from my grandfathers era color gives me the ability to relate it to my life.

  64. Hi, very nice collection of photos, I recently find great documentary film about WWII also in color, you can check in on this link

  65. Wow, No wonder your people still trade camels for women. I say we should nuke all of you and be done with it. But before nuking send everyone back.

  66. Is anybody noticed that soldiers on pictures in Soviet Army are different nationalities. Pictures are wonderful and make me feel that war was just recently.
    I do not understand why many of you judge those soldiers in a pervert way? Some of you are not satisfied with a modern Russia. Why you do not say the same about Africa or Jamaica, or Buffalo city in New York State? Presently modern Germany has many problems too. Germany was developed after WW2 just because the United State spend money on it. Look on Italy it is still not developed country, but that the way they live.
    Please, do not forget that modem Russia just recovering after 70 years of soviet era, when Germany was only 11 years under Nazi and they had and still have help from the United States. That is good.
    Do not forget the fact that many Russians were massacred by their own government. I guess currently it is difficult to find Russians in modern Russia. Almost all educated Russians were wiped off, some of them survived abroad like Rachmaninov, or Sikorsky. When you are trying to humiliate Russians you are humiliating people that created helicopters in America.
    By the way it is too late.

  67. An American diplomat once commented to Stalin about the heroism of Russian soldiers. Stalin responded, “It takes a brave man not to be a hero in the Russian army.”

    The problem for both German and Russian soldiers is that so much of the time they fought under the watchful eyes of political officers. The slightest infraction could lead to summary execution.

    Other facts worth noting: German soldiers were initially welcomed in The Ukraine as liberators. Only after Nazi terrorists began working the populace did Ukrainians realize they were better off fighting for Uncle Joe. Even in retreat, Germans were an efficient fighting machine. While exiting Russia, they inflicted casualties at a 16:1 ratio. Now combine that with the fact that Tito’s partisans in the Balkans had 800k German troops tied down. Imagine what that additional 800k might have meant on the Russian front. A seldom mentioned factor in favor of the Russians: their ability to return tanks, aircraft, and other equipment to the front with the most rapid repair turnaround rates in the war, coupled with equipment modification and improvisation accomplished literally on the spot. Somewhat less effective: one of the most requisitioned items by Russia to the US as part of the lend-lease program was gold thread–for officer’s uniforms. Fortunately another major item was 100 octane fuel…critical to efficient operation of aircraft engines of that day.

  68. I have to do a lot of research on Russian history for the book I’m writing and these photos are remarkable. Love the women with the rifles, love the Rambo-like sailor (must be a gunnersmate…but in Russian rank lingo), and above all–but saddens me the most–is the photo with the USSR flag and the American flag. It saddens me because after the war was over and the Russian soldiers exchanged souvenirs with fellow American soldiers, and befriended them and exchanged addresses ‘n’ what not, Stalin ordered his army to leave quite quickly, in fear for himself. Any Russian who so much as glanced at an American was immediately accused as a traitor and sent to Serbia. Such dictatorship, I fear, maybe soon staining the people of America today with our current Congress, if it hasn’t already…

  69. Hi! I saw your blog at Bing and have learned a lot from it. Thank you very much for the useful and detailed posts. Will be coming back soon.

  70. I miss Jennifer Love Hewitt from her times in Kids Incorporated. Does anyone know of the fine website with the old episodes?

  71. Well the situation was initially a superior run whilst it lasted but yet possibly not a jolt to discover Usa Soccer lose at this particular state. We could try out once additional in 4 years.

  72. You all sit behind the monitor and write in the comments, which the Russian soldiers are bad, etc. But even if you do not, they would be there was no one in this world. They are liberators and heroes.

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  75. things that we took for granted , liberty ,freedom …
    all because of their unselfish sacrifice …

    Russian people is strong having to survive stalin and hitler

  76. Ya aku tahu, kebanyakan pada diwarnai ulang.
    Tapi aku tidak mempermasalahkannya, karena malah jadi lebih menarik!!

    Tapi yang bikin bingung dari SEMUA KOMENTAR INI :
    Sebetulnya Tentara Merah disini (di englishrussia) itu jadi pahlawan atau pecundang?

    Kalau jadi pahlawan, kenapa masih ada komentar yang menjatuhkan Tentara Merah?

    Kalau jadi pecundang, kenapa saat Perang Dunia 2 mereka bisa mendobrak Jerman hingga bisa masuk ke Berlin? Membuat Jerman akhirnya menyerah?

  77. so confusing.
    talking about raping the nurse, homosexuality… capitalism??
    so what are they do exactly in Prokhorovska? Dnieper? BERLIN??? at 1942-45?
    don’t judge them if you’re know WWII only at one side

    hm I know this is only photoshop. but I like it. bored with B/W photos.

  78. It is known that from the Second World War has suffered, in process of decrease: Germans it is most, then there are Soviet people, Jews…
    Still, any moral freaks speaking that these Russian, Germans, Americans, a pier mongrels here come across. Native mine, I want to respond you the Chinese aphorism:
    The pig, always sees round itself, only one dirt.

    Think better before to write mucks. After all then there was absolutely other time. People living in Germany, Russia were dependent. They could not leave and tell – simply I against a mode!!
    Well have told and what further? Them would shoot, have hidden in the mental house, prison and anything would not change. They cannot be condemned.

    And still I want to tell that in the Russia you never will hear, such insults to Germans.

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  80. russians are inferior anyway. this can be proven simply:
    1. while usually outnumbering the enemy,they still take more casualties. even when better equipped on their home ground.
    2. in existence far longer than germany, their contributions are relatively few. apart from some authors, chess players and musicians.
    3. they rarely if ever have a decent leader. its always just another tyrant.
    4. they kill, rape and silence anything and everything. jews, germans, russians, satellite nations, even their own allies are fair game.
    5. and yet they still refuse to admit their inferiority.

  81. In Relation To The Mass Rapes That Occurred As The Soviets Advanced Into Germany,

    1: The Numbers Of Those Rapes Are GROSSLY Over-Exaggerated.

    2: Russian Soldiers Were The Most Disciplined Of Soviet Forces. Ukrainian, Belorussian And Polish Forces Were Markedly Less Disciplined Because Majority Of Nazi Rapes And Mass-Murders Were Committed In Ukraine, Belorussia And Poland. Few Were Committed In Russia Itself Because Not Much Of Russia Was Occupied During The War.

    3: The Majority Of Those Rapes Were Committed By The Polish Armies Connected To The Two Belorussian Fronts, As Reprisals For The Many Rapes, Tortures And Murders Committed By Germany During The War. Remember, Out Of All Countries Poland Was The One Worst Affected By World War Two. Under The German Occupation Poland Ceased To Exist As A State. It Was Broken Up Into Reichskommissariat Ostland To The North, And Reichskommissariat Ukraine To The South, The Rest Of The Far Eastern Parts Were Simply Considered “Under Military Administration.”
    The Polish People Were Extremely Hurt, Angry And Lacking Moral Judgement Directly After Liberation By Soviet Forces, And Many Were Without Families As They Had Been Murdered By The Nazis, So Many Poles Took Up Arms In A Blind Rage And Marched Into Germany To Enact Revenge On Any German They Saw. They Didn’t Care Who They Killed Or Raped, As Long As They Were German.

    Also, The Katyn Massacre Was Committed By German Soldiers During The Occupation Of Poland And Belorussia And Blamed On Russia. The Problem With Their Cover Story Was Though, That Goebbels Himself Admitted And Said It Was A Shame That German Ammunition Was Found At The Mass-Grave Site.

  82. ‘If you cannot answer a man’s argument, all is not lost; you can still call him vile names.”–Elbert Hubbard. Please, let’s not be insulting and foul-mouthed. Wars should teach us to get along. Atrocities are committed by all sides in war. This was 70 years ago. It’s time to heal these old wounds.

  83. Russians always take more casualities in wars. Firstly, during WW2, Russians, Estonians, Bello-Russians, lithuanians, Ukrainians of the soviet union all surrendered,thinking that they will be taken to Germany on a sight seeing tour, and then on to a POWS camp. Hitler’s Nazis simply starved to death the initial surrendered Soviet armied right after the initial successes of Nazis. During Great October revolution parade in the ww2, there was a March of Nazi german soldiers, Stalin wanted the Ruuussian onlookers. The Russian onlookers were moved into tears by the signt of the Gerrman soldiers being forced to march. Stalin was indirectly told to treat german and Italian and other prisoners well, as well as to nurse bacj to health any prisoners left behing by retreating Nazis. the Russian army just nursed back to health Axis prisoners whenever possible.
    Stalin even told his armies that in the march to watrds Berlin, The soviet and Russian air force will not be bombing civilian areas. this cost the Russian army and Soviet army dearly , as as they had no cover during attacks in to German cities. Luckily, the American air force and RAF were gery generous with boming raids. Teh russians attacked Natis holed up in german towns. The RAF and American armies bombed them to hell. During a raid on one german city filled with German refugees from the eastern front, atleast 1,25,000 german civilians were killed by RAD and American air force. this made it some what easier for Russian armies marching westward into germany, who would have had to deal with stronger fortifications of German cities.

  84. I cann’t believe there so many proud Americans that they say non of them took part in crimes.
    I’ve been a soldier too. I am Dutch, but served Israeli defence force. I am against terror. But believe me if the other party hurts your friends/ comrades, you will start to dislike the enemy too.
    Unfortenately crimes took also part on Israel side. I respect the fight that took place/ part. But never will support the crimes that took part afterwarts. Even days after the war. If my commander force me to make a crime, I will refuce. Like in the history I have only some options. Get deserted or get the bullet.
    Even now days this still happens in armies over the world.
    One thing. Keep the respect also for the German tactic and strategy. The bravest Germans didn’t have to be nazi’s. Even the word Kraut is disrespectfull. Also Russians. Many pictures have shown they were not Ivans.
    In my country. The Netherlands has also blood on their hands. For example Indonesia. And the slavery that took place many centuries ago.
    In the WWII many helped Dutch did help Hitler. Jewish people were not very welcome here, also those who fled from Germany. Over 50% of the Dutch fictims are Jews.

    Even in Indonedia (Nederlands/ Dutch Indie called till 1950’s). My grandma was like a dog or shit for the Japenese and their Indonesian allies. Jews in Indosesia had to suffer also a lot.

    One thing. The Dutch (Frisian also : nothern part of the Netherlands) volunteers fought on many sites. Allied forces, Axis forces and Soviet forces. Japanese were racist to white people. Also mixteres of races.

    I got one question: Is it true that some Dutch soldiers who fought on the Russian side did conquer the top of the Reichstag?

  85. No, these are not true colored photographs. They were black and white, and then hand colored with photoshop. Still, it’s very nice work and nice to see some color on these pictures. Good work!


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