Submited Videos 9

Some newly submitted videos today. First one is a mobile cam video made at some Russian army headquarters where older soldier studies newcomers how to protect their ladies from the migrants from the South. The main point of the video is first to use all the stuff you can use to fight and not to use bare hands.

More below.

This one is the TV advertisement for Lithuanian police. Seems they watched to many Hollywood movies before creating such a depressing ad.

This one is from the news of St. Petersburg. The black BMW car got wrong lane in the middle of the day, when it stopped and people opened the door they saw….

Russian Orthodox Christian priests study Western culture.

The demand for new cars is so high that they have to deliver them in the middle of the night right by the opposite lane moving at 80 mph. That’s in Moscow, where else you can see such wide roads, maybe in St. Petersburg only.

This guy is protesting. He is from Vladivostok.

They said this guy is very funny. His name is Sasha.

Parking in Petrozavodsk can be really hard and take 30 minutes (this video is speeded up quite a lot).

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  1. What’s going on with the soldiers? And what is the guy in Vladivostok upset about?

    Can someone give a brief translation of what is going on in those two videos?


  2. At the same time, watching a new years eve show [yes, Dec, 31st] on Russian TV I saw immigrants being ridiculed and humiliated in front of a live audience of ‘celebrities’, which was wildly applauding and ROFL… I felt embarrassed. Always good to have a common enemy, right ? White people and their ‘inborn sense of fairness’… LOL !

    These immigrants are running quite a few small shops nowadays [selling vegetables and such], working hard. They have a merchants mentality [like Turkish and Asians] that somehow is completely gone in the Russian population. Why do you think Chinese are so feared in Russia ? Because with their mentality and talent for doing business in no time they would take over all retail business, and more! Leaving the fatalistic Russians once again sitting in the mud, quoting their Pushkin and lamenting… but no action.

    Immigrants have a very hard live when they come to i.e. Moscow: everybody hates them and tries to take advantage of them, they are not even seen as human [the recent collapse of a building on Arbat, Moscow had 6 Tajiks buried alive – no one even made an attempt to search for them and their fate was not mentioned on the TV news, only the russian person involved [he got his arm cut] was mentioned. The 6 Tajiks were bulldozed away with the other debris, approx. 1 hour after the event.]
    Still, some manage to make a decent living. Others are sinking away into criminality. The question remains: what came first, the chicken or the egg ? Where they criminals or were they made into criminals ?

    There is more nuance to it than found in general in the media’s coverage.

        • Keep dreaming, most people don’t even know what Lithuania and Ukraine are, your average American regards all the ex-Soviet republics as ‘mini Russia’s’, cry about it.

          • Average american doesn’t even know other counties exist, so why to bother?

            Average russian knows that lithuania is separate from russia and it makes him mad. But why to bother?

  3. For once I agree with you MaxD. Immigrants are very, very often good people, and extremely productive ones. The skinheads here are those who should be thrown out.

    PS. Russian_NYC, go and get a basic education.


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