Russian Pigs

Russian pigs 1

Lately Russian children can buy for themselves such a strange toy in the shops. It is a figure of a pig with a “passport”-like id, describing it (see on photo).

People investigated the manufacturer and it came out that the toys come from China and mainly for European markets, so they are not supposed to appear in Russia. The manufacturer makes different toys of animals and “populate” with them different countries. He has chosen Russia for pigs, but asked distributors not to sell the toys directly in Russia but preferred Western countries.

And the toy originates from China. Now people who have seen this ask if it was done on purpose or it’s just a pure coincidence.

Russian pigs 2

Russian pigs 3

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18 thoughts on “Russian Pigs”

  1. It no coincidence that the Russian animal is pig AND “passport” written in Anglish!!! Why not elk? Why not bear? Why not goat? Is yet one more deceptive capatalist propoganda aiming at undermine Russian image. It made in China becausing western nations fat plus lazy. They cannot make a nothings except exploit friendly loving socialists.

  2. Soon the people in the modern and rising power of russia will be fat and lazy.Russia should be careful with the privileges of capatalism!

  3. Do they even have decent toys for children in poor Russia? then again toys are the last thing in their poor parents mind whose priorites are how to feed their poor children. I feel sorry for them 🙁

  4. I don’t care what any of you say; I think the whole thing is utterly adorable.

    Except for the eyes.

    Those black, soulless eyes.

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