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Russian luxury boat 1

Demand for the luxury in growing. One of the expanding industry is luxury boats production. New companies constantly appear offering their services in luxury boat building. Nobody had any experience first, there were no luxury boats in Soviet Russia for 70 years in a row. So some manufacturers copy their works from the Western industry, but some go their unique, Russian way, creating something looking not alike to any other, like this one made for one of the Siberian governors.

Russian luxury boat 2

Russian luxury boat 3

Russian luxury boat 4

Russian luxury boat 5

Russian luxury boat 6

Russian luxury boat 7

Russian luxury boat 8

Russian luxury boat 9

Russian luxury boat 10

Russian luxury boat 11

Russian luxury boat 12

Russian luxury boat 13


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  1. Oh, it is kitsch… Anyway, as a friend told me, the greatest thing about Russians richs is that they spend money with excess. Western and Latin-american millionaries just buy stocks, options, debentures and other boring stuff 🙂

  2. This is like, the kind of industrial design they used to make in the US in the 50’s or 60’s.

    It’s like all those “styling” things robert lowey used to design!

    Hahhaha. Its like a Jetsons boat!! (however i never saw one in the jetsons)
    , but if i would i could have looked like this)

    Are they watching Lost??

    • Back when living in the United States and being middle class was actually desirable. Back when being American abroad gave very high status. Before the Reagan Revolution =)

  3. This boat has a slightly different purpose, not for sea, but Siberia rivers.

    That boat is a lot faster than ordinary luxury ones. That boat is designed to be indoors, maybe because it is cold, mosquitoes or engine noise.

    Most probably this boat is too much on practical side, not comfort. If you look at the design from the perspective of low hanging trees, then it starts to make some sense, although still a bit funny.
    Nevertheless, for those places that boat will go, it is most probably a lot better than ordinary sea vessels. The biggest problem might be a comfortable ride (engine nose, vibrations etc) but if you want a riverworthy ship for Siberia rivers, then why not buy from the locals.

  4. HAHAHAHA LOLLIN HARD AT COUGAR SKIN 😀 it’s like some pimp-mobile from cheesy 70’s american movie

    Russians have no taste in anything, they will buy anything as long as it’s gold/shiny/looks remotely expensive. I think it’s because of the 50 years of communism, when everything was dull and grey and ugly- poor russians didn’t have time to learn what style is. I mean, really- look at putin’s plane- it’s so over the top, that you can puke just by looking at it.

      • My friend Bert,

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  5. ROFL @ the disturbing double entendre involving Volga =)))

    Steer clear of: floating syringes, bandages, dead fish, chemical waste, raw sewage. Better reinforce the hull with some sort of protective… I don’t know.

  6. Actually, it’s not just a boat, it’s a hydrofoil!
    Maybe from the Meteor series, they are one of the largest types of river hydrofoils, we have three of them in Hungary too. They do at least 60 km/h, and in their original layout, the can carry more than 130 people.

    I like the design very much, it reflects the owner’s personality, I guess. The outside decoration is very clever, they gave it an exclusive appearence without larger modifications.

        • this is obviously a modified kometa and no newbuilding like the mentioned,
          sometimes ER-bloggers should investigate a little before posting

          • If Kometa is the Russian name for Meteor, then you’re right. Because it’s most definitely a pimped Meteor. Reference:

      • Voshods have slighter nose, and the wing-like boarding platforms are just as like meteor’s.

        It can be a kometa also, they looks very similar, if we could see the front wings, we could decide exactly

        • No, my bet is still on a pimped Voskhod. Compare the second picture on this page to this photo on the shipbuilder’s site:

  7. I suppose one didn’t even have to click the link to know that there would be leopard and tiger print in abundance. It was a foregone conclusion.

  8. As mentioned above, it is not boat, but hydrofoil. I bet this is not a new hydrofoil, just refurbished one. These were frequently seen as passenger “fast”boats in eastern block. In Slovakia, “meteors” are still in service on routes to Wienna and Budapest (on Danube):

    More fydrofiol info here:

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  11. Looks similar to the Quicksilver ship that goes between Wien and Budapest. (made in Russia 1985):

  12. It is nice if you like this kinda thing.
    But my taste differ from this boat owner.
    I would have gone in a different direction
    with the design of it.
    And if I we’re a millionaire or billionaire
    I wouldn’t waste my &&& on such things.
    I don’t have such an ego. I’d use my &&&
    to help the less fortunate.

    Roy B.
    1212 Broadrick Dr.
    Dalton GA, 30720

    God Bless us one and all

    • Very thoughtful post.

      Kudos to the Russians for building a nice new type of boat, ship or cruise ship. I love to see this kind of news instead of bad news which is hard to get away from anymore.

      If you love all folks then check out Kiva, a site for investing $25.00 to poor folks trying to live a better life.

      Keep that good attitude Roy! We are here for a reason and it surely isn’t hate of our neighbors near and far.

  13. They still use these hydrofoils for small distances in the aegean. The problem is that with even a little wind, they are tied down at dock…
    Still, they’re quite fast when they get going.

  14. This looks very similar to the hull design of the Shark Bar shown in this grouping. I suspect it may be a reworked soviet era hydro-plane transport hull with all luxury appointments. Very interesting.

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  17. this is awesome
    of course if u were a billionaire, u wouldnt be buying these type of boats…
    u’ll be doing what Roman Abramovich did..make your own custom super yacht..

  18. This is why Russia will be Communist again within the next 50 years. There has never been a stable middle class there. First it was a country of corrupt royalty and impoverished peasants, then it was a country of corrupt bureaucrats and impoverished peasants, now it’s a country of corrupt oligarchs/mafia and soon-to-be-peasants. Very soon, it will tilt too far out of balance again, and there will be the next Bolshevik revolution.

  19. Great boat!

    Looks like something out of a James Bond movie –

    “Wait, don’t you want me to talk?”
    “No, Mister Bond…I want you to die!”

  20. I like your post and the pictures are amazing and it seems that you always have something very interesting to share. I want to comment that it has some front looks of European boats with some design like those found in Russian ones as well. I like the interior as it really impresses me and i think that the Governor of Siberia has really something that is valuable and precious even in the eyes of other. Thanks for the post…

  21. I’m afraid my fellow Americans are not very educated on things of the machinery world.This is hi tech even though it was engineered in the late 60’s from a country that produced the mig25.So do your reserch before poking fun at it,its 30 meters in lenth and can cruise 40mph!


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