Russian Flying Fortresses

Russian flying fortress 1


In 1930s Russian army was … by the idea of creating huge planes. At that times they were proposed to have as much propellers as possible to help carrying those huge flying fortresses into the air, jet propulsion has not been implemented at those times yet.

These exclusive photos and videos of actual flying fortresses as well as the story behind it.

Russian flying fortress 15

The story of the flying fortress has began in 1920s when a first heavy bomber was built, it was called K-7. It was said it was built to oppose Nazi Germany flying-disk aircrafts.

Russian flying fortress 2

Not much photos were saved since that times, because of the high secrecy levels of such projects and because a lot of time passed already.

Russian flying fortress 14

One more rare photograph survived till these days and that wasn’t been destroyed as a top secret one.

Russian flying fortress 3

Soviet commandership knew the Germany is having new break-through aircrafts so it decided to build something that can hit it hard.


Russian flying fortress 4

Now modern history lovers in Russia try to reconstruct according the plans left in once to be top-secret Russian army archives their look in full color. This is one example based on ideas of Russian aviation engineers of that times.


Russian flying fortress 5

The following image was restored based upon the blueprints of the project.

Russian flying fortress 16

And this was the 1940s depiction from the blueprints.

Russian flying fortress 6

The machine was really huge.

Russian flying fortress 7

As you know Nazi Germany was building disk shaped flying machines and Soviet flying fortress had to encounter them in space, this was the idea of the Air Force generals at time.

Russian flying fortress 8

Probably those battles were never happened as both machines were not finished and weren’t airborne at least to the current public knowledge.

Russian flying fortress 11

The interiors of the vehicle had panoramic windows and had to fit a whole squad of paratroopers as well as commanders in more comfortable upper decks.

Russian flying fortress 13

Sideway views.

Russian flying fortress 12

The interiors were looking pretty comfy.


Russian flying fortress 9

Also a civil flying fortress version was planned.


Russian flying fortress 10

They wanted to use it as a flying circus after the war.

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  1. Whoa! Those are some awesome pics!
    However… ship guns on a plane? That’s pure, 100% “what-if” fantasy. I like real history more.

    • It’s not a what-if – I have seen article in a “Modelist-Constructor” magazine from 80’s

    • You really missed something, my friend. I don’t speak of this matter often because people do not believe me, but let me tell you, you have not experienced anal probe until you experience alien anal probe. Talk about advanced technology . . . wow!

      Wishing you close encounters with the AAP kind,
      M. Ahmadinejad
      Abducted by UFO in 1979

      • No problem. They have given me an appointmentfor later today. No AAP at weekends, apparently. After that just a simple brain wipe and I can come down to earth again. I think they have not been here since 1979 and don’t know about the invention of the internet – otherwise the UFOs wireless router would have it’s security enabled.

    • Sorry but if you mean german flying saucer then you should know that is not secret anymore. The factory for those was based in Eger (German border with Czechoslovakia. Second factory was in Poland. The factory in Eger was found underground close to the airport. There is many pictures taken in 1943 on Kbely Airport Prague, where those flying saucers was tested. In 2005 Czech National TV station found eyewitnesses of those tests and made documentary about this secret weapon. After WW2 some parts were taken to USA and Canada. There VZ-9 Avrocar was built in 50′ but after some tests they give up around 1961.

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  3. I can see that whoever did the modern drawings knows nothing about aircraft design. Those landing gear alone would keep it firmly rooted to the ground.

  4. Такой самолет был, он назывался “Максим Горький”- в честь известного советского писателя.

    • Нет, вообще-то этот проект (К-7) возглавляемый Константином Калининым был закрыт в 38 году после того как прототип разбился на испытательном полете.

      Максим Горький? Неправильно – ты думаешь о Туполеве АНТ-20.

      • Soviet and Russian engineering is one of the finest in the world, its just we never boast about it, we follow the ethics, not the marketing. Good luck with the achievements, hope you can make it up to our level.

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  6. As a aeroplanes engenieer i must say that such engines would never carry even a quatter of this plane. I just dont understand why you all people fight each other without a reason. Its just a nice pic nothing more its as real as all the pictures with American Burgers or their “Hot” Women or as the Russian democracy 🙂

  7. well, being useful for war is not the point. This 6 engine behomoth is just right for passengers, for which it was designed. Though it was a bit ahead of its time and possibly produced in just one number. I’ve seen it elsewhere, with the comment that the windows in the wing leading edge were for passenger views. Believeably.
    Is there any way we can get rid of the Juvenile screwballs (aged 11-16) in this blog???

    • As an addendum to my previous comment made moments ago: The original Ka-7 (I think was the designation) had many different “Applications” under development. Some of the perhaps-not-so-far-fetched ideas were as a bomber, a troop transport, a VIP carrier, and even a means of transporting heavy artillery through air. No kidding on the last one; apparently, the idea they had was to kind of string a tank between the massive sponsons and fly like that. Perhaps fortunately, none of these ideas “took off,” as on the 2nd flight, the behemoth crashed, killing the crew and I beleive several passerby on the ground.

      Another good hit for the “massive pre-war Soviet aircraft” catagory is the Maksim Gorky. I’d tell you more, but that’s y’alls homework for today.

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  10. Uhm… I kind of agree, now that I’ve read the guy’s hysterical response.

    Hey viperman, did your plane also have space-lasers?

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  17. Does this thing really fly?!!! It is so huge, that it seems like it may take ages to lift itself off from the ground….nothing like those sleek sukhoi’s and migs!

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  21. La propulsion por helices no pudia levantar un objeto tan masivo, ya lo se. Pero como ciencia ficcion, y la manipulacion electronica de imagenes, es increible. Me gusta mucho estos imagenes

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  23. And to us grunts who were required to support it, it’s called the lawn dart.
    The men who flew it were both courageous and real men!
    No sissies could handle this jet.

  24. I have never been more proud to where my jacket with the big old American flag on the back as I travel thru foreign airports like in Istanbul or Moscow. Why? Because I fought for a cause,idea and a way of life not just for me and my family but also for future Americans.
    Its time America got some respect back and people looked at us with the thought of wanting to be like us!!!!!
    Where the hell is John Wayne when we need him!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hahaha did you know the the yanks bailed israel out by supplying arms to them? also they gave them 500 million to arm against missile attacks, and has recently given them a 9 billion dollar loan? i dont think they will be making any moves against the US to soon. But i do agree that viperman is the perfect example of why the world has such prejudice against them, the comments about the rest of the world wanting to be like america, each country is individual and should wish to remain so, thats what makes this world truly beautiful, the many diverse and unique coutures

    • Yeah we all want to eat fat burgers and die on cholesterol or cancer…
      We all want to waste petrol like water with our big big big and worthless SUV. We all want to screw mother earth like you rednecks.
      Or maybe we want to stop allthis nonsense once and for all?
      Soif we aren’t with you, you judge us against you?µ

    • John Wayne did all he could not to participate in WWII. He liked making money from war in movies rather than participating in it. Ditto for President Chickenhawk Ronald Reagan. Respect for the US? Well possibly so if they quit torturing as well as having illegal undeclared wars as well as spying on its own allies. Be like the US, you are again another arrogant fool. The real countries for role models are Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland among others. This comes from an American who was also fooled into participating in an unjust war against North Vietnam. A war begun on a Gulf of Tonkin Incident that never happened. And rained down Napalm, Cluster Bombs and Agent Orange, all banned by the Geneva’s Conventions. The United States does not even live up to its own Constitution or protect its own Citizens Rights. The US has more than 2.3 million in jails and prisons Compared to 600,000 in China. And the US calls China oppressive? Why would any decent country want to be like the US? The US is right on par with North Korea and Iran in regards to weapons of mass destruction. Also the US was the only country to ever be convicted of Terrorism in the case Nicaragua vs United States of America 1983. Those who do not admit to truth are doomed to live by lies.

  25. The first photo is of the actual plane that did fly several times until it crashed. The others are of a model that’s been modified to an aero dreadnaught. Probably was made for some crazy movie to entertain the masses.

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  31. This plane actualy flew until it crashed on the 5 flight. There where 3 other prototypes instead of two that never finished.
    Main problems where the engines, due that they couldnt attach 3 more. If 1 went down the plane whent down.

    Know you facts lol.
    The nefew of my fathers grandfather used to work on the protypes. He never sayed a thing about them until 1980.

  32. Very nice fantasy artwork, apparently based on a real aircraft-the one with only 6 engines, and NO heavy artillery. Aircraft manufacturers around the world were using the “bigger is better” design strategy during that time period, and had some very innovative ideas, usually failing the power/weight ratio needed for extended range and reliability, the Spruce Goose probably being the most well known. My favorite was the Northrup Flying Wing, which was a successful design, but was killed by military/industrial politics. Most Americans aren’t aware that Nazi Germany developed a heavy bomber (The Gigant, I think) capable of striking the continental USA nonstop from Germany. Thank God Hitler didn’t use its’ potential. And I’m amazed at the Russian seaplane/ground effect missile cruiser Ekranoplan (probably misspelled). Kudos to those who think “out of the box”.

  33. THANK YOU, Viperman. No one could have said it better. I invite any liberal Commucrat to leave this nation that they so visciously attack, at MY expense, one-way and at any time!!!

    • Another American fool thinking anyone who truly believes in freedom is a Liberal Communist. Well obviously you then are a Conservative Nazi. I believe and gave an oath only to defend the US Constitution against all enemies. And the true enemy of he US is the US Government itself. Bullshit on your offer to pay anyone to leave as there are plenty and doubtful you even have the money for Greyhound to take anyone to even the Canadian of Mexican Border. I am an American and Vietnam Vet actually living in Freedom and it certainly isn’t in the US. The US has been at Perpetual Wr since the Panama Invasion which was condemed by the uUN as completely illegal under International. Simply George HW Bush silincing thee Drug Trading partner of himself and Ronald Reagan. So they “arrested Noriega” A common thing though. In 1953 Iran had elected a Democratic President. He was trying to regain Irans Oil Rights sold to the UK. So the CIA arrived and arrested him and imprisoned him for life and installed the last Palavi Shah. Americans fail to even hear of real history. What is taught in schools is Propaganda and Patriotism and as very little truth.

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  35. You’re pathetic with such opinions. The stereotypes you’ve written about russians just make you miserable. You dare to judge cultures being just a patriotic pilot? You dare to put your nose in politics with such stereotypic points of view? Man,seriously, get some education instead of claiming about such things.
    The only right thing you’ve written is that this project is a failure and such planes would never fly. And that’s great, because who knows if these flew, could you open your mouth about Russia?

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  38. да многие тогда страдали гигантоманией, особенно окурок – сталин

  39. Getting back to the K-7 it is an awesome aircraft for the times, and would have been invaluble in the transport and troop carrying capacity. The picture with the Hanabau is far fetched but as some of us know the Hanabau, produced within the society of the Thule of Nazi Germany has been well documented in the, shall I dare say attempts to build such a flying machine. The K-7 though I beleive I have seen before in pictures with Russian Paratroopers rolling down and off the back of the wings for drops. That had to be a ballsy thing to do at the very least. Your animated pictures of the Ka-7 though are interesting, and I would like to save copies of them for future reference. Old Phantom Phyler (Flyer) Play On words!!!!! Those who flew the old F-4 will know what I’m talking about. Great job with the animated pictures!

  40. I will like to assit another great era like the old era and days these restless competitive Engineers and Scientist Creating new vessels and transportation ways to evolve and the way we travel, but without the wars.

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  44. if u all would open ur eyes, u will see that the plane in the 3d rendering is at least 20 times larger than the one in the actual photograph. if u wanted proof u could measure different points of reference along the wings and fusalage, but it should be fairly obvious…….even to the Russians…..

    Poor Russians, may your God have mercy and end your pitiful lives soon.

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  51. Truly *fantastic* images. Thanks for posting.

    Small point, it’s not “much propellors” and “much photos” but *many* in both cases.

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  53. Konstruktorem tej maszyny jest mój stryjeczny pradziadek urodzony w Warszawie, rozstrzelany z rozkazu Stalina w 1938 roku. Konstruktor maszyn K-1,K-2, K-3 itd. Muzeum lotnictwa w Charkowie posiada pełna dokumentacje

  54. To all of you who have served your country (any country) in any capacity whether it be a clerk or an aviator…….you have my respect and I salute you!

    To the ones who make senseless comments and rail against anything decent…………….further proof that it takes no education to own (or type on) a computer.

    “Better to be silent and simply thought a fool………..than to speak (or type) and remove all doubt.”


  55. A little research on the web indicates that there was indeed such an aircraft, but just one. Two others were planned but not completed. The first and only plane flew 10 hours total over several test runs prior to crashing. Stalin subsequently killed the designer. One site states the wing span was near 174 ft. which would have been far short of the Spruce Goose’s 230′. The drawings shown are fantasy of course, the pictures have been altered to show huge cannons etc. which just weren’t feasible. However, the effort, resources, imagination, and experimentation make the actual aircraft a worthy footnote in early aviation history. Check out Snopes, or or even better

  56. It is pretty amazing something like that flew, even if only a few times. Hats off to the pilots who fly experimental aircraft’s like that, those are some brave men.

  57. I actually thought that first image was a real photo at first. But damn, I’d be shocked to see anything that big and clunky take flight, as well as worried for the pilot responsible for landing it safely.

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  62. An advanced aircraft of the Soviet Union with its three-man crew landed in San Jacinto, California a few miles from March Field (later March Air Force Base). 1937 was the year, definitely before World War II. Soviet aircraft designers and builders would be highly motivated to produce impressive and colossal airplanes as an expression of the abilities of the political and economic system of that time, especially with a wary eye cast to the rise of German military power as of 1933.

  63. i just came to knew that there are also huge flyers like from your post. Excellent designing, well layed interior all-over it was good to know about this flyer.

  64. wow thats what you call a big plane,

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  66. Since some people seem to confuse the facts, let’s get this straight:
    1. Those pictures are mixed between fantasy 3D CGI and photos of the actuak K-7 airplane. The real pictures are the second picture, the second-from-last picture, and the last pictures. The rest are imaginative CGI. (Yes, of course the gun turrets and the nazi flying saucers are imaginative CGIs.)
    2. K-7 airplane actually EXISTED. It did crashed and killed people in the test flight. (Of course the gun turrets and the nazi flying saucers are not real!)
    3. The size is NOT impossible. K-7 airplane’s dimension is 28m x 53m (which is 91ft x 173ft). This is SMALLER than Airbus A380-800, which is 72m x 79 m (which is 238ft x 261 ft.) Of course, the Airbus 380-800 DOES fly.
    4. And for those dissing Russia, realize that the Russian Antonov An-225 is even bigger than the Airbus A380-800, and the An-225 was completed decades ago, during soviet times. It totally flies.

  67. The various comments here about Russia have led me to a few musings…
    (1) The recent war bewteen Russia and Georgia started when Georgia invaded South Ossetia. We did not invade them until they started it. We simply had peace keepers there for 10 years previously to help prevent such a war. 30 of those peace keepers were killed during the initial invasion by Georgia. And yet, Russia is cast as the evil aggressor. As far as Georgian president Saakahvili is concerned, he knew very well that the entire Russian 58th. army was on maneuvers just outside of North Ossetia, and in a very close position to defend South Ossetia if necessary. So why did he invade? Well, the first statement he made was to try to get the USA involved “because we help you in Iraq”! He apparently wanted a larger war so he could enlarge his country and get re-elected.

    (2) Recently, Russia has played a different, potentially positive role in warming a frozen conflict between Moldova and its breakaway region of Transdnestr. Transdnestr declared its independence from Moldova during the breakup of the Soviet Union. The brief war that ensued was quickly stopped by Russian forces, which remain in the territory as peacekeepers.

    This is quoted from an article by By Lyndon Allin and Matthew Rojansky. Lyndon Allin is a Washington-based lawyer who served as IREX embassy policy specialist in Moldova from 2008 to 2009. Matthew Rojansky is deputy director of the Russia and Eurasia program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

    (3) As far as Russian women go, do not buy the old Soviet-USA propaganda. Just be in St. Petersburg at noon when the girls go out for food from their jobs. It’s like 100 modeling agencies left out for lunch!

  68. Oh, and as far as the K-7 goes, who cares? lol I mean, you are argueing over an impossibility to prove either way. It’s like argueing about politics or religion. You can never win because the other guy won’t change his mind and neither will you!

  69. Very good job! I might not grasp or use every aspect at this site, however it is still seriously significant content material! I almost certainly am going to devote the next handful of days just thumbing thru your further blog posts. Goodbye for the present time.

  70. I like your post very much and it seems that you are an aeroplane lover. The flying fortress is the real achievement of the Russian’s in the 1930’s but i don’t know whether it had flew on battle mission or not, but i have its pictures before. I like the pictures that you have posted, they are great. Thanks for sharing it…

  71. Really a very big flying machine and i think its the only largest flying machine that has been built till to date. Thanks for sharing it and keep up the good work….


  73. Thanks for letting us know about this “Russian Flying Fortress” as many of us didn’t know anything about its existance. And i am sure that these pictures that you shared with us are very close to the real one….

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  75. The Russian K7 first flew in 1933 while the B52 Stratofortress in 1952. The story of the hare & tortoise? If the hare wasn’t skinned like Kalinin was, perhaps Russia would have had the first functional flying fortress. The Soviets beat the US by 3 weeks with the first manned spacecraft in 1961. I wonder if the Russians built a UFO. After all, Romanian Henri Marie Coandă’s flying saucer design was patented in 1935.

      • they might have landed in hollywood…. We aren’t 100% sure in europe about americans or any others landing on the moon…
        Russians were the first to bult robots to discover moon surface and they did that succesfully.
        Americans used that idea to bult the 2 mars robots decades later.

  76. In soviet russia they put canons on theyr aircrafts.
    If you drink ennough vodka you will see this thing really fly!

  77. Very good picture ..shows russina concept of big and large weapons and airplane.. visit for more good travel stories

  78. Russia!!!!It is America fighting u .Retaliate and u will surely be in a big trouble with America.How many of ur planes have been downed now and your innocent people.Fight back ,show us something u are capable of doing not to brag on a 1930 day dream machine .We will join u .We don’t have jobs and our power is always waisted.Coward big boy.

    • Well, Russia can boast of having several Space vehicles capable of transporting astronautes to and from the International Space Station. How many does the US hve? That will be none. America had two of its Space Shuttles crash and burn. They invested all their eggs in one basket and that basket was very flawed. Russia had the sense to design many and have a program that could take over any ole time. America is like a whining baby. They want their way and only their way. They are though in reality a declining power. The same forces which brought down the Soviet Union are at work on the US. Only that collapse lead to Freedom and a Federation. With America the result is far more likely to result in Fascism and Opression.

      America does real well fighting against 5th rate militaries of 3rd world countries. America has never been up against a formidable enemy since WWII. And it was the Soviets who crushed the Germans and surrounded and shelled Berlin. As was America plan o save its own men.

      America fears Russia far more than it dit the Soviet Union.As Russia has great resources, the best in the world. And now Russia has Freedom to use the greatest resources of all to its great advantage. Her People.
      Russia need not confront the US, as it is doing a wonderful job destroying itself from within both financially and morally.

  79. Porque não somos informados dos armamentos russos que sao superiores ao Americanos que são uma bosta porque depepende, dos Israelenses para sobreviver? americanos são sanguesugas que dependem das tecnologias dos uotros para sobreviver na guerra ciberneticas bostas.

  80. Quando tirarmos o Niobio das mao destes terrorista U.S.A quero ver mandar espaçonaves para espionar o mundo sem o nosso precioso metal que é vendido a preço de banana. Chora baby.

  81. These CGI images are all ridiculouly fictional. The real Kalinin K-7 plane was nothing like this and although impressive had only 7 (Mikulin AM-34F V-12 piston engines) and not 16 engines. It also had 8 x 20mm cannons and not 14 cannons and 6 naval guns LOL. I don’t mind fantasy illustrations but please don’t try and pass them as fact!

    • Theimproved version is “The Antonov An-225 Mriya”. currently the largest aircraft in world.

      Thousands of Australian aircraft enthusiasts have watched the world’s largest plane, the Antonov An-225 Mriya, arrive in Perth.

      The 84m-long plane, which weighs 175 tonnes without cargo or fuel, was transporting a 117-tonne generator.

      Traffic blocked roads on Sunday as crowds gathered to watch the plane’s arrival.

      The plane picked up its cargo in Prague and stopped at locations in the Middle East and Asia on its way to Australia.

  82. Near Houston we have some incredible airplane shows but, I have to say this never seen a bird this big. If it is real I am impressed that the plan was able to get off the ground

  83. This led to the development of the “Antonov An-225 Mriya”. if look at wheel base the resemble very much.. Also look the number and positions of the engines

  84. It does not matter-what you call “White Swan” , but we have more power and experience to use the Atomic Bombs. Why Putin is forgetting our action in Vietnam. Good morning Putin


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