Road Police Revenge

Revenge for Road Police in Russia 1

This happened a few days ago in Sverdlovsk region, near Yekaterinburg city. The guy, the truck driver had been penalized by the road police and was temporary deprived of the right to drive for some months. He was very angry for road policemen just because it was his job and being deprived of the drivers license meant loosing job for him. Still, he kept himself quite after this.
Then a few weeks later his son was also penalized by the same local road policemen and his son’s driver’s license was taken by them too, meaning that now both of the men in the family lost the job. At this point he couldn’t keep this inside of him but decided to commit an act of revenge.
He took his old KRAZ truck got a good deal of speed and smashed it against the local road police office. The policemen in interview told later than they were so deeply shocked when in the middle of the working day a giant KRAZ truck suddenly broke though the wall of their office smashing the table with computers and heating pipes, causing the hot water sprinkle all around the office.
The driver was arrested and kept in jail, where as being told he was feasted and honored as a real hero. He said later “The only thing I feel sorry for is that I didn’t went faster”.

Revenge for Road Police in Russia 2

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19 thoughts on “Road Police Revenge”

  1. Hehehehehehehehe I can kinda understand that poor guy. Those f-ng “police” were most likely expecting a bribe.

    Also, the wall he broke through looks like it’s a LOG wall – that’s no joke! =)

  2. Revenge is a dish best served cold, in russian style. I feel sorry for the father. son duo 🙁 poverty, jail and corruption is pretty much russian lifestyle nowadays

  3. Why did they take his licence away?

    For “some months” ?

    If i was a poor, ignorant russian farmer i would’ve probably done the same. cannot think of another way out… 🙁

    Ah! I know now! I would’ve probably just kept on doing the jo but trying all the time not to get caught!

  4. No wonder. Road police in every post soviet country is unbelivably corrupt. If you don’t believe just ask any TIR truck driver that has to drive there.
    Thankfully people in ex soviet countries, and that includes policemen, are very poor, so they’ll accept even ridiculously low bribes, like a pack of chewing gum or a pack of western cigarettes.

  5. Wow, such a waste. If only I could have reached out to this driver before he took such drastic action, I could have counseled him and helped him find a better way.

    For example, I could have taught him how to deliver his message of concern to the road police in a lasting way, maybe even with a real “bang,” so that the police would not be laughing at him now, unless it was from their hospital bed where they would be wrapped in body casts or coated in butter to treat the burns all over their bodies, which had been corrupted by too many bottles of vodka bought with rubles unjustly confiscated form honest, hard-working Russians.

    If someone could have reached the poor driver and talked him through a cost-benefit analysis of simply ramming his lovely truck into the building, compared to ramming his truck laden with many litres of gelled gasoline, an explosive trigger, and a detonator, even this Russian peasant would have seen that the additional expense of the gasoline and other materials would have resulted in a much greater impact, resulting in road-police bodies somersaulting through the air, or burning road police bodies flailing in the snow, screaming for mercy as their lips melted over their cigarette-stained teeth.

    May I recommend the Russian people establish a telephone hotline for which people may seek counseling before yet another innocent Russian chooses such a wasteful or disastrous path?

    Wishing the Russian people value-added vengeance,
    M. Ahmadinejad

  6. What a guy: You just on keep giving!

    And by the way – I’ve noticed that Russians and Americans think alike in this way.

  7. do you remember that hilarious video with the drunken russian soldier, that smashed a corner of a house with heavy AA tank? 🙂

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