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  1. Wonderful photos!

    @ Russian_NYC: Are you (or anyone else) seriously interested in learning how we select members of elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard? If so, I can tell you a little about the selection process, as well as an example scenario you may face as one of our agents.

    Does anyone want to see it?

    Incredibly disgusting, but hilarious.

    I especially liked:

    “A Latin intelligence operative would say, if he answered honestly, “I would run away and try to infiltrate “manana”

    “Some Asian operatives would become confused as they began to daydream about what a nice lunch the dog would make if sautéed with some onion and bamboo shoots and spread over a bed of rice.”

    “The baboon’s keen sense of smell has alerted him to the scent of sex in the air, and has caused him to abandon his attempt to cook a frozen pizza in the oven. Now he sees you.”
    ^^^ ROFL!

    Anyway, you can count me out Mahmoud, I don’t think I have what it takes, and would rather pursue the life of a wife beater – a less glamorous, but nevertheless essential vocation =)

    • Dear Russian_NYC,

      Thank you for your kind notification of withdrawal from consideration for our special operative training program.

      I regret that you will not be part of our team, but I wish you all the best as you show your love for your wife by giving her the iron hand of discipline.

      Yours in domestic tranquility,
      M. Ahmadinejad

  3. Wow … what a blast from the past. First photo and BAM! – the school I went to for seven years back in the 80’s. Incredible. Wish there were some more photos toward the golf course and the buildings just on the other side of the pond, where I lived. Thank you! English Russia delivers AGAIN!

  4. Where are you finding the time required to write so much word? I do not posses this quantity of time. I am simple goat herd, you are president of large evil nation! I conclude that evil nation must run itself.

    I have first person experience that many baboons are fond of the kinky sex. Perhaps S&M or watersport would do the trick with the beast.

    • Dearest Bilosh,

      A good leader chooses good subordinates who can accomplish tasks and reach goals with minimal oversight. I have done that. Plus, I am a master multi-tasker. However, I would like to help you achieve your goal of writing more.

      May I recommend that you carry a journal with you as you perform your goat herding duties? Then you can sit on a rock, closely observe the sights, sounds, smells, feel, and taste of everything around you, and write it all down while your goats are sleeping, grazing, picking through the neighbor’s garbage, head-butting each other, or fornicating.

      Wishing you literary luck,
      M. Ahmadinejad

      • Please, dont bring religion into this, its done no good to the world. Enjoy the pictures, and these ones of Moskva look pretty good actually

        • Have you ever successfully completed a reading comprehension exam? Did you pass? The reason I ask is that I can find no reference to religion in the comment you responded to.

      • Mr president evil nation! Today in field I try what you say. I carry journal and when goats looking other way I write in it. I will now share my journal entry with a yous:

        “Today, goats look other way. Than they look back. Da Svidanya.”

        Yours a truely

        • Dear Billy,

          That is wonderful! You did very good! Now, let us consider other things you may add to your story when you go out with the goats again.

          When the goats looked “the other way,” for example, what did they see? Was it a predator like a wolf, some wild dogs, or a group of drunken Englishmen looking for sexual pleasure? Did the goats see another group of goats? Or, when they looked back, what was their facial expression? Did they appear confused? frightened? Happy? Or, was there a lusty glaze over their widened eyes?

          Facial expressions can tell us so much about the emotions a goat is feeling, and that helps us identify with the goat, which in turn draws us into the story. It is as if we are “there” with the goat, feeling the same thing as the goat, whether it is confusion, pain, or a lusty desire that is torn between the goats on the other side fo the hill, the goats within our own herd, or the Englishmen.

          This is enough lesson for today.

          Wishing you good journaling,
          M. Ahmadinejad

          • Mahmoud

            I think english-russia is standing in the way of our love so I am going to post my reply here:

            oh M. Ahmadinejad

            May I say I feel so elated by your choice to ignore my crase and rude remarks made previously. My only comment to you as you seem perfect would be

            1/ do you have any gum boots (a legacy of travel to new Zealand perhaps).

            2/ have any of your relatives been interned in Christmas island, or Guantanamo bay?

            3/ do you have any camels or knowledge of said beast.

            4/ would you swear on your grandmothers life that the only jihad you partake in be a jihad of love in the matrimonial chambers with your infidel?

            5/ could you perhaps do some role play and dress up as a Nazi, a Latvian police man or a gimp?

            could you please reply asap

            *heart is fluttering*

    • Dear, Henryk.

      What do you mean by “Moscow is fast becoming kind of americanized”? First of all. Moscow has always been like this. A picture of those places in Moscow would no different in the 1980s. In fact, this is not even one of the prettier places of Moscow. All I see is mostly endless blocks of Soviet-style apartment buildings, which is the most boring and uninspired type of architecture ever. Think an affordable bedroom community. In terms of comparing Moscow to American cities, the most common comparison that’s usually made is with the non-Manhattan parts of New York City (and it was made even during Soviet union times). The city centers of both cities are of course too great and too unique to be comparable to anything else. In terms of most other American cities, most of them suck! The only good big cities in USA are NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and perhaps Seattle. The rest are a big joke of a city. Any European will tell you this, not just Russians.

  5. Please!don`t compare the Moscow,with dirty and over populated junkyard city of NY.Moscow is the best city of the whole world.

  6. Ha! Now you see pretty buildings american pig-dogs??? different shiny objects? YES, Russia is superior! better than u-ass-a!

    (even though only 0.01% of moscovites get to live in such buildings, and rich criminals exploit other russians – I am PROUD of SUPERIOR Russia!!

  7. from this height the street seems pretty neat, clean(snow excluded), and organized. not too many commercial signs of capie/propaganda signs of commie.

  8. I spent 11 days in Moscow recently. I stayed at a hotel near the University, so I recognize some of the landmarks, and even my hotel is in the middle of the pictures. It is interesting to see how it looks like in the winter. I visited at the end of April. Good work!

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