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John McCain shot Russian soldier 1

John McCain shot Russian soldier 2

This presidential elections in USA has been brought to light the story of this man, living now in poverty in a small wooden hut at the suburbs of St. Petersburg.

Probably everyone knows about the accident John McCain had during his service in Vietnam, when his plane was shot down by the Vietnamese (as was thought before) missile. It’s a well known fact that during that war thousands of Russian officers and military engineers helped the Vietnamese Communist Army to fight against US troops. All the newest weapons were also brought by Russian comrades from the North and Vietnamese were taught how to operate it properly. During one of such “demonstration” the John McCain’s plane was shot down to the ground by this man on video.

According to his words it was the 13th missile that hit the target finally, twelve missed. He says it was a great luck that a group of Russian soldiers has arrived to the crash site, and ordered Vietnamese not to harm the shot down pilot but just to take him out of the river, because, he explained, usually locals hammered down with their stone hoes any American pilot they managed to find, so actually they saved him life. Such an attitude locals as a revenge for their burned to ground villages by American napalm. Russian officer was rewarded with the honorable “Red Star” medal and 1000 Russian rubles addition for his retirement pension.

Also later he have visited a few times McCain in the Hanoi prison, where they were implementing special Soviet “tortures” for American prisoners: they forced them to study Communistic literature, like “Capital” by Karl Marx and many other thick Soviet ideological books. When he was asked if he would meet McCain what he could ask a man who is now a popular American politician – he said “I wanted to ask him if he finished reading Karl Marks”. Also he said, he didn’t want McCain to become a forty-forth US president, because as he says “McCain hates Russia way too much, though I can understand him”.
He also demonstrated some booty he got from Vietnam, among them is the McCain’s “paratroopers book” – some special military ID the pilots and parachutists had to have with them while on duty.

Just a few days ago it was published that he has passed away.

Below you can see one of his last interviews (on Russian):

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  1. How life and even history in general sometimes depends just on a small stroke of good or bad luck! One little event parameter changed, and everything would have come differently.

    • Is it amazing to see the contrast between the Russian and the American. One became one of the most powerful man on earth and one became an unknown in 3rd world poor trash Russia. I feel sorry for him 🙁

  2. Hey, you sound like a real patriot! But (I believe) McCain is not the man worth voting for. It would just be another “Bush” with brute-force politics. Half the world hates America already, because of its police-style ruling. And McCain would make the other half hate US!
    Maybe Obama isn’t the best choice for everybody, but he finally turns the face to the world, not the gun.

  3. Blah, Blah Blah

    You know I was really embarassed by the lynch mob mentality of the McCain Crowd. Obviously you’re not going to the inaguration tomorrow.

    • Were you equally embarrassed by the lynch mob mentality of the hardcore left everytime George Bush made a decision he thought would help protect the country he swore an oath to protect? Disagreement with policy and legitimate criticism is one thing, but the left has venomously “hated on” Bush harder and longer than he deserves.

      I’d be willing to bet that none of his hardcore haters have ever born the responsibility to protect anyone (outside themselves and maybe their immediate family, at most), but they sure don’t mind hating the hell out of a man who had his back against the wall.

      All that constant criticism and hate from the left, while so many men and women were (and are) fighting to keep us from another terrorist attack, left me with a very cold feeling toward them. They are ungrateful, spiteful, and vindictive, and the more I hear from them, the more inclined I feel toward letting the terrorists have them. Then they’ll sing a different tune . . . if they still have their vocal chords attached to their lungs.

      • You sound like my Dad

        Personaly I don’t hate the man George W B, but I do hate the War in Iraq – I think Bush swallowed Osama Bin Laden’s bait hook line and sinker. He misdirected his energy, lied, refused to listen to allies and he allowed himself to be used by Cheney and all the other big money interests out there. Now we’re owned by China… He was the worst. Face It

      • The Taliban did not “migrate” into Western Pakistan–they’ve always been in that area, also known as Waziristan.

        The Taliban are still a problem in Afghanistan and Waziristan (which of course means that yes they are a problem in Pakistan, but they have always been a threat to the central government there), but that is a far cry from being in control of the entire Afghan government (or what passed for one while they were in charge).

  4. I’m also smart enough to know my own country’s history well enough to know that people have been “thumping” the Bible throughout our history as we rose to power and prominence in the world.

    Next time you are tempted to refer to “bible thumping swine,” why don’t you read the Old Testament, and pay particular attention to the rise and fall of kings and nations, depending on their relationship to God.

    If you really think athiesm is the way forward . . . ask the former Soviets how it worked out for them. They had 70 years and several generations to test it out. You can’t say they failed because they were dumb–Russians (and other ethnic groups in the old USSR) are as smart as anyone else. You can’t say it was because they didn’t work hard enough–they worked as hard as necessary, and had all the power of the government to make them if they didn’t want to. You can’t say it was because they didn’t have adequate natural resources or geographical advantage. Just look at the map.

    Anyway, I’ve seen lots of those “bible thumping swine,” as you call them, doing things for people–paying for it out of their own pocket, and spending their time as volunteers–when no one else would help. I don’t consider people who give of themselves and their property willingly and voluntarily swine.

    • I won’t even mention all the child molesters or the FACT that most people convicted of crimes in Russia and the US are CHRISTIANS.

      What they did was very simple. They emptied the cashbox and put one paper in the bag. Then they waited for someone to take the paper. They discretely followed that person and, when there was enough distance, they popped up and pretended to be interviewing random passers buy on “social behaviour in society”.

      They also had another person open up the cashbox and see how much they’d paid (if anything). All through the process they were very careful to make sure none of the people they interviewed twigged that it was connected with their newspaper purchase. They didn’t want people to massage their views (and the publisher didn’t want his readers to think people were spying on them).

      What they found was that many people don’t pay anything, and that those who do pay usually don’t cough up the full price. No surprises there! 39% paid nothing, and only 19% paid the full price. Of the people who stopped to be surveyed, the average payment among those who did pay was 26 cents – rather short of the 60 cent asking price . But what kinds of people pay up? Who are the honest Joes, and who are the thieving Toms?

      It turns out that the thieving Toms are regular church goers!”

    • As an American and a Marine combat veteran of Vietnam, I can only hope that John McCain, that sorry excuse for a Naval aviator and a politician corrupt completely, will shortly join the Russian hero who shot him down.

      He would have done America more of a favor if he had allowed the Vietnamese to kill this miserable piece of garbage.

      RIP gospidin Trushechkin.

  5. I think that whatever your usual opinion on G.W is, does anyone else remember seeing on the telly/hearing on the radio when he decided to tell the world that he was <> Dammit, that scared the living daylights out of me. Not what I wanna be hearing from a world leader!!!

  6. “He says it was a great luck that a group of Russian soldiers has arrived to the crash site, and ordered Vietnamese not to harm the shot down pilot but just to take him out of the river, because, he explained, usually locals hammered down with their stone hoes any American pilot they managed to find, so actually they saved him life.”

    This isn’t exactly accurate: (from Wikipedia)

    “McCain fractured both arms and a leg ejecting from the aircraft, and nearly drowned when he parachuted into Truc Bach Lake. Some North Vietnamese pulled him ashore, then others crushed his shoulder with a rifle butt and bayoneted him.”

  7. John McCain is also a very good politician. he did not win because the people are not satisfied on the Republicans.:’`

  8. Czy wiadra pomyj, jakie często wylewa się na temat średniej płacy, mają jakieś uzasadnienie? Istotnie, jednym ze źródeł powszechnego w społeczeństwie sceptycyzmu do tego tematu może być brak spójności w danych, jakie się w jej kontekście podaje, ponieważ wciąż wiele osób zarabia płacę minimalną i pracuje na umowach zlecenie, zamiast umowach o pracę. Warto też wiedzieć, że istnieje kilka wartości i metodologii liczenia wartości średniej płacy w Polsce chwilówka bez zaświadczeń kredytero.


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