How to Earn One Million, The Book

Russian book about earning million dollars 1

Lately, in some Russian bookstores this book is a true bestseller. Mostly people buy it as a gift. And here is why.

First of all, it’s title is “How to earn a million?”, well this kind of titles are always very intriguing, but usually contain kind of not so worthy stuff. But believe me, not in this case.

Russian book about earning million dollars 2

Then there goes a contents. It says:

“1. How to earn a million? page. 1”
“2. What to do if you have not succeeded in the beginning? page. 17”
“3. What to do if you are not sure in success? page. 51”
“4. What to do if you have already earned but then spent all the money? page. 87”

But what’s in the text? Let’s see…

All the pages – no matter which chapter this is contain only one text, or if to be exact only one word. “Work, work, work, work, work, work, work”. It’s, like an answer for any question from the contents above.

And now it’s clear why this book can be a nice present.

Russian book about earning million dollars 3

Russian book about earning million dollars 4

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32 thoughts on “How to Earn One Million, The Book”

  1. Obviously written by a master of subversion. But, he did not fool me, as I am used to dealing with people who make grand promises of wealth, fame, or love, such as the willowy raven-haired girl who broke my heart when I was a young college student, back before the revolution . . .

    I’m sorry. I can’t go on right now.

      • I’m sorry dudde, u may have enough notes to whipe ur pathetic ass with, but when I was born, I didn’t have a penny, my first dollar was hard-owned, let along 20000 dollars, wtf mr India, u don’t make sence. People are not born in heaven, God gave us reason to be on Earth, to work…

  2. Nice book, but unfortunately – fiction! 😉

    To earn big money you don’t need to work so much, and here is one of the latest examples (Bernard Madoff):

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  4. It should be entitled “How to earn a million for a capatalist swine!” It is obvious evil capitalist plot of deception and exploitation! Being well known that capitalist exploit humble laborer to earn vast wealth.

    • A sad but usually ignored truth is that “humble laborer” is often a euphamism for “illiterate, lazy, unambitious bum,” which is a person ripe for exploitation–if not by a capitalist, then by a person pretending to work “on behalf” of the laborer, if only the laborers will put them in power, of course.

      At least in a capitalist society the “humble laborer” usually has specific and more enforceable rights under the law, as opposed to the vague ideological gobbledy-gook contained in socialist “manifestos.”

  5. An abstract “million” in Russian implies something bigger that 23000 euros, say, 1000000 old nice USSR roubles rated $1 = rub 0.69.

  6. I like it!

    But most russians nowadays want to work as little as possible but make lots of money, still. Office jobs are the most popular [esp. civil servants because of all the power it brings you and your network].
    So a rapidly decling number of Russian bricklayers, plumbers, carpenters, teachers… and have you seen the vacancies in the Metro ? Drivers and mechanics requested with decent pay and bonuses. McDonalds pays 20.000 rubles for a months work!! But hardly anyone wants to do it. Except the immigrants. Who in return are then accused of ‘stealing our jobs’. Yeah right.

    Work, work, work… and do not bribe or take bribes. Maybe then there is a future for Russia.

    [sorry i feel gloomy today]

    • Cheer up. Russia is overflowing with opportunity. Despite my sometimes violent defense of my country, I also see a lot to admire in Russia. Maybe the reasons are not so obvious on the surface sometimes, but it’s there in the history of Russian people who survived great hardship, overcame great obstacles, and STUCK TOGETHER to defend their country and culture from numerous invaders and attackers.

      You are right–work, work, work will lead to a much better place.

      But, if the Russian government would expend a little less anger toward the world, less focus on how evil America is, and a little more focus on how Russia can adopt techniques and methods used by other successful nations, while maintaining some of the distinctiveness of Russian culture, might also help. 🙂

      • I agree. The people are are basically good people, but the mentality [quite fatalistic, almost masochistic at times] and the cause of this mentality [peers, the government and all it is controlling, like media] are the problem, and very hard to battle: where to begin ?

        First this habit of trying to re-invent the wheel again [because something coming from the west is not to be trusted] should go. My compatriots: if something has been tried and tested abroad for decades, it might be safe to try it in Russia too ! Corruption [and the ‘networking’ causing it] is still the biggest problem. There is no such thing as ‘controlled corruption’. If you see a pack of dollars on the street, will you just take the 100 you need for shopping and leave the rest ? No, you take the whole stack. You even hope for more. Just an example.

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  8. SIGH* American patriot, so you are saying it is all Russia’s fault? Screw you! US & NATO pets have AT LEAST as much fault for the bad relations.

    Oh, and did you know that the US has been involved in maaany more conflicts then RF or USSR?

    PS. What “methods” should Russia adopt? It already is a market economy, through and through.

  9. A coworker of mine made a million rubles 1989. He used it as a starting capital for a business that is still going strong today.

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  12. this is to put us all into the stare of mind to work, so we can pay taxes, this frame of mind kinda takes away our freedoms, (cant have anything until you work), wanna make a million you do have to work for it but do it for yourself.


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