Ancient Volcano in Moscow, Russia

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 1

Every spring and summer, when the ground warms up after winter frosts here and there parts of paved road go underground.

Moscow authorities can’t say what is the reason for those things to happen and usually can just suppose but don’t know for sure. But Moscow geologists seem to know the answer.

“Moscow city stands on the top of the giant ancient volcano”, says scientist, “we call often Moscow – the city on the seven hills (as well Rome and some other cities) but just a few know that those seven hill actually are the ancient volcano structure. It doesn’t matter that it is not active for thousands of years already, still there are so called ‘fluid streams’ gases from the center of the Earth comes to surface through ancient volcanoes, they cause the tremors of the surface and ruining the roads and buildings in Moscow.”. He also admitted that around 15% of Moscow city surface can get under the ground. And there is still a chance that the volcano can wake up. “It’s not to clear what causes some old and forgotten volcanoes that were not active for years to wake up suddenly”. In this case all the city would be buried.

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 2

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 3

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 4

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 5

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 6

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 7

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 8

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 9

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 10

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 11

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 12

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 13

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 14

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 15

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 16

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 17

Russian Volcanoe in Moscow 18

26 thoughts on “Ancient Volcano in Moscow, Russia”

  1. Not sure about the vulcano theory. Do we have some geological information about this in the net. I feel that there are more damages due to unprofessional building activities and leaking water pipes.

    Pic 3, 6, 7 and 11 seems to show all the same site. It looks more like the nearby excavation caused a bearing capacity failure.

    Wherever cars got stuck it looks like water excavated the underground and left only a thin tar skinn on the ground. So whenever a car put its load on the holow spot it brake thru the road.

  2. By the power vested in me, I hereby command the volcano to AWAKEN!!!

    Go volcano go!
    Go volcano go!
    Go volcano go!
    Go volcano go!
    Go volcano go!

  3. I owe wife one large fat apology! She say “Husband I lose new cement truck into giant ground hole in Moscva Bla bla bla!” I not believe her. I believe instead she take cement truck on wodka-fueled fast speed police chase like yous see on western tevelvisor programme because she mean ass drunk. To punish, I make her switch sleeping places with goats for 1 months.

  4. I’ve had kebabs like that. Kinda make nuclear weapons seem like more work than they’re worth when a simple kebab can have you exploding on porcelain in a just little over an hour.

  5. Looks like an ordinary sinkhole to me. Pipes break, water washes away the ground, stuff on top collapses.

    There are unlikely to be any volcanoes in the middle of the Eurasian continental plate. Hot spots like Hawaii are possible, but then there’d be noticeable volcanic stuff around. Hills don’t qualify.

    • +1 on sinkholes & leaking pipes. It’s all about that.

      There’s no volcanoes around, only regional ruptures between crust blocks, which is quite common for any continental plate region – enough for an earthquake worth 5-6 magnitude every few thousand years, but no eruptions. As for abysal gases – they rise everywere.

      As a matter of fact – it’s all for poor water control. Local authorities are just not interested in solving such problems.

  6. Those are sinkholes, not volcanic action. There is not even any evidence at the surface to even suggest that there are volcanoes in Moscow.

  7. Hmm, Edinburgh is also built on seven hills and around an extinct volcano. I wish I could use that fact to explain why the roads in the city are permanently covered in potholes but no, sadly it’s just our Council being utterly useless…

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  10. No matter if they’re sinkholes or caused by volcanoes; what about the subway system? How can that even continue to exist if the city streets are already in danger of collapsing?

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