Guess Who 2

Russian 1

From time to time we have “Guess who?” posts.
I think this one is easy. I mean, everyone knows this handsome young man in pro-Palestinian kerchief, well at least how he looked like later.

If not, maybe the next picture would help…

Russian 2

And if still no, then the last one is fully self-descriptive:

Russian 3

It’s Joseph Stalin, at his young age.

52 thoughts on “Guess Who 2”

    • And he was voted by Russians as the 3rd greatest Russain in history? How revolting. Looks like Russians love the man who killed 50 million Russians ha ha, i bet they loved Gengis Khan too 🙁

      • Hell yea they love Gengis khan! This is history man! and history is what makes nations unique!

        what about india? history of sex with elephants?

      • 50 million is way too high a figure, it was around 7 million killed in gulags, a few million more sent there in the first place, and around 9 million die of hunger as a result of artificial starvation. But anyway it has been thought that the internet voting has been faked, it’s people like you who would do that. Never the less Russia is having alot of trouble trying to forget him.

  1. Joe was such a handsome man with the big pile of full, thick, slightly wavy but not kinky hair. Just look at that magnificent somewhat ruffled pompadour in the top photo.

    Because of his rugged manly good lucks and his iron-hand leadership, he could almost be a Persian!

  2. There is the man that made the Soviet Union a super power.Unfortunately he worked thousands of innocent russians to deth forcing them to dig a canal to connect the Moscow river to the Volga river.Then he had volunteers dig out the subway system.

  3. Stalin was elected 3rd on the list of most popular Russians of all time. Even though he was Georgian. Not bad for a man who was responsible, together with Hitler and Mao, for more suffering and death then anybody before or after him.

  4. Hitler was a child compared to this guy.
    Stalin made Hell seem like summer camp compared to what he did to Russian people.

  5. From

    “Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, as even some of his supporters will surely admit, is overrated. An undeniably strapping figure, he had the advantage of, as the Who recommended, dying before he got old. Stalin used to be bank robber for the Bolsheviks before he came into power: had he died on a raid in Georgia and had an iconic picture taken, he too could have been a widely accepted figurehead of revolutionary chic.”

    That’s the photo right there.

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  7. i guess cursing will not distort the fact that BUSH is the worst president in the history. His approval ratings are the lowest. He was sent home in the barrage of SHOES at his door steps, and he caused lot of destruction for no reason around the world. Obama has called for closing of a slaughter house by the name of GITMO (as you right wing call it). So you should face the reality, and you know you are on English russia channel, and not on ORIELY show on FOX.

  8. It’s Stalin in the days when he was still a bank robber. The Soviet Union was the only country on earth to have a convicted bank robber as leader.

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