19 thoughts on “Russian Hockey Cards”

  1. What rugged men! They can “whack my puck” anytime!

    I bet they can do magic things with those hockey sticks. I wonder how it feels to be spanked by one, very hard?

    Hmmmm. . . . If anyone knows, please tell me.

    Yours in aggressive but sportsman-like foreplay,
    M. Ahmadinejad
    President, Persian Puck-Whackers

  2. Yes, Rossiya had many great hockey players. Too bad that they were so badly exploited in the period before the ‘changes’. The new generations got even, or even rich!

    Zubov is getting old and his time with the Dallas Stars is coming to an end, as such things usually do. Even minor talents came here and played, coached, or just hung around, marrying Amarikanka.

    The New World offers all kinds of temptations, eh?


  3. Punakone – Red machine. That’s how finns used to call russian icehockey team during soviet years. And I guess they still are that. Red Machine that is.

  4. Ah but those were the days when hockey was GOOD. Not about pretty-boy millionaires. These guys knew how to actually play the game.

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