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  1. This looks just like any other European country when there’s a new gaming console on the market, same “customers” also

    • OMG look at them poor trash Russians have done it again, using protest and unrest as an excuse to steal from shops. Soo disgusting. Why don’t you 3rd world poor trash Russians go back to Russia if Latvia is NOT economically doing well. Russian mob mentality disgust me to the core ๐Ÿ™

      • miss india.

        this happens in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY where there is a riot. obviously you live in a very secluded part of your country, wherever this may be.

        i hope, one day, that you find yourself caught in a riot.

        • russians are well known in latvia for anti social youth and yob culture. i have been myself and seen it. russians occupied latvia for a long time, thus many live there

          • i have not observed among my people any type of “bad” behaviour that other nations don’t posess, and if you think it’s smart for westerners to comment on barbarisms of countries where extreme poverty exists, you must be blind enough to ignore how barbaric western states were a century ago in their pursuit of wealth over other states

            How ironic is it that the UK for example, claims to be one of the most civilized countries where people are capable of working and poor are looked down onto, and at the same time financially help the hopeless african people, and look, the greatest aid was yet during the enslavement period, this was the aid that the UK stripped of its inferiours for generations and now thanks to global status it can broadcast how great and civilized it is, helping those states

            • i don’t see how this is relevant to my comment at all, considering i was only explaining, whereas other people below me were complaining.

              i didn’t say other nations don’t possess it, either.

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    • Zafard – You is speaking my language!!!!! If theses fotos were taken in Soviet Era, they would be of peoples standing in queues to receive the items they are now smashing.

      Capitalism causing peoples to riot. And also to make peoples self-pleasure themselves.

            • Thank a yous! Yous seem like nice person not like pizza deliverer Jam Bob. I cannot go to Avstralia becausing goats do not like to fly in air machine. Plus I am in process of acquiring 15th goat!!! As small boy I dream of one day owning 15 goat – wish me much luck!

                  • Where are you Bilosh? I will post useless male goats to you? We put your goats and my Australian racing goats and have master race goats that make carraway seed cheese for Janis day.

                    would you also like Camel? we have Dubai racing camels in Ozzie land. Alas I do not know how to tame.

                    • Avstralia is decadent western nation! It would not be well for evil capatalist goat to infiltrate my peaceful herd to put evil idea into goat heads. They too much run away already.

                    • @bilosh: in USA goats are not a sign of wealth, or anywhere else in the world. everyone knows the only mesure of wealth is humvees and gold teeth. i have many and so everyone likes me. please stop clingng to your evil comunist ways and spreading lies about capitelism. you should set your goals higher, like a 60 cm televisor (we call it television in USA). sell you’re meeger herd and enter the 20th century!!!!!!

                    • No Bilosh

                      don’t listen to the evil comments of Eagor, wealth is not humvees or gold teeth, wealth is goats and sheep! Yes australia is decadant western nation but goats will overcome the decadence of any nation, plus we have fences to stop goats running away.

          • Is possible explaination for Jam Bob to posess all of these things with only lowlevel pizza deliver job: he has male lover with high earning job. He give to Jam Bob love gifts.

  3. I had no idea, heh. What’s going on? These pics look like complete chaos – but then again, it might me just 3 selected pics =)

  4. They are like the blacks in Los Angeles, USA.

    Interesting . . .

    . . . are the Latvians originally an African tribe? Were they uprooted from their native land and resettled by that magnificent leader (and very good ballroom dancer) Joe Stalin?

    Wishing my Latvian friends less tribal tribulation,
    M. Ahmadinejad
    Honorary Doctorate in Ethnographic Studies

    • Dear Mahmoud:

      These are obviously NOT Latvians! I suspect that they are other wild tribes from the east who have yet to join the human and Latvian races.

      Latvians have had to make do with so little for so long that it would be a disgrace to destroy goods like those shown in the photo.

      Shame, shame!

  5. I think I am not welcome here, since my comment did not appear after some hours.

    I will travel to the home of English Russia and try to meet with the owners to persuade them to be more hospitable to me on their nice site. After I offer them wine from the foothills of the Zagros mountains, sweet pastries sprinkled with golden, buttery, Iranian almond chips, a demonstration of Persian dancing boys, and the best hashish, usually available only to friendly members of the French and German Parliaments, I think they will be more friendly.

    Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!

  6. I think it’s sad. There’s been rioting going on all over europe lately. It’s not just about money, it’s about politics too.

    • As a member of the true master race–Persian–I am not surprised to see Europe begin to disintegrate. The root cause is because the dirty Arabs are trying to take over Europe, and they are using their African anal-buddies to help them.

      • Dear Mr Mickeymouse Ahneedadinnerjacket;
        Beleive it or not, way back when I was a young traveler, I actually lived for a week with some real live PLO guys. You know what? They treated me very nicely, with the kind of respect that they don’t get from the rest of the world. The Palistinians got a raw deal after WWII. And it’s no joke, they’re dying right now as we sit comforatably in front of our computor monitors.

        • Did you meet my friend Yassar Arafat? He always had the best taste in European women, Cuban cigars, and custom-made bomb vests.

          However, he refused to wear platform shoes, despite the fact that I told him they would elevate him in the eyes of the world. I think he enjoyed having his eyes even with his girlfriend’s breasts as they made love. That is, on the rare occasions when he entered her from the front.

          Anyway, kudos to you for your travels. Next time come further east. We’ll leave the light on for you.

          Yours in international solidarity,
          M. Ahmadinejad

        • I know if my home was in Gaza I would do everything in my power to get out of there. Still I was shocked to see the number of Muslim families living in cardboard boxes in the underground subways/malls of Germany – that was back in the 80’s. I’m sure it hasn’t gotten any better. It’s a crisis that took a long time to develope: there’s no easy answer now.

          • I think it has gotten better, me myself being from Denmark, where we have many muslim immigrants too. We don’t have any living on the streets, but we have some ghettos, especially in the capitol which mostly consists of muslim immigrants, and the Danish government is trying to integrate them, but it’s not going that well…

  7. I did not earlier pay close attention to details of fotos. This is meerly young students who have become thirsty after hours of studying. They are simply liberating tasty beverages from capatalist type store. No harm done!

  8. Yeh!, riot is cheap, given over to the young (and mindless). It’s all an exercise in zero. I suppose you could try for a negative number. Last of luck, you wankers. G

  9. I find Latvian cops really hot. I think its the red ties. If any single Latvian cop wants to move to Australia so he doesn’t get belted by bricks please don’t hesitate to contact me. I earn in a week what you earn in a month, plus Australia has great weather.

    You need to be 6’4″ blue eyes, and single although kids & grandparents are ok. I have farm and good job in Australia, you work farm while I work ja?

    • What about a nice hot Persian man? I would really love to visit and plow your ground. If it doesn’t work out, I will leave with no hard feelings.

      Yours in best farm practices,
      M. Ahmadinejad

      P.S., if you’re not interested in a date, can you at least sponsor my friend for a visa? Thanks.

  10. I agree!!! Its Putin and Michael Jackson!!! They are working together for to kill Baltics!!! They are smart!!! We must stop them!!! Now!!!!

  11. This was simply a “party” for those already-drunk Russians… But, meanwhile, there was also a jewelery store looted.

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