Tyumen Hot Springs

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Russian city Tyumen is just an ordinary city in Siberia. The company that carries the name of this city in it’s title has acquired “British Petroleum” company some time ago.

The winters are cold in the city, like in all the outlying region, but they have one attraction that helps to cope those winter. Those are natural hot springs under the open sky. Thousands of people gather there, both locals and visitors, coming from other Siberian cities, like Yekaterinburg and sometimes even from Moscow, the capital of Russia, to experience the unique contrast of the cold Siberian winter, when the air temperature is about -40 degrees (F/C) and then the hot spring bathing with the water naturally warmed up to 131 F degrees (55 C).

It’s a big fun to change the cloths in the car and then run to the water for 300 feet from the parking, and then back, after the bathing is over. Just taking a few steps out of the water means that all the water drops turn into solid ice almost instantly.

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photos via blogs.yandex.ru and photopolygon.com
first five photos author: Igor Kovalyov

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  1. With so much poverty it is sad that Russians cannot afford decent hot bath. Thankfully they have such hot springs to relieve them from their misery. 🙁

    • That’s not me! see my P.S.

      I have changed my mind and decided to stop posting anti russian stuff anymore. Most of my posts were the same (I had to post my dullness on so many sites that I ran out of anything interesting to say) and even I got bored with myself.

      So, adieu, EnglishRussia. I’m sure that you will miss my well presented arguments. The best one I could think of was “omg such a backward country no wonder they dont know how to drive :(”

      lots of love,
      Miss India

      P.S. If anyone posts anything like “OMG, Russia is such a poor country :(” or “Poor Russia so polluted/ruined/corrupt etc.) It’s not me – it’s a bot.

      • Good Girl!

        It’s easy to critisize – harder to admit guilt and appologize.

        Maybe next you’ll turn to solving problems.

      • Hi Miss India,sorry I was so straight foreward with you,this site has that temptation.There will be people that will copy you but this is just the internet and not the real world.I have been to Russia 2 times.1 month in the summer and 2 weeks in the winter.My wife is from Ekaterinburg.Like most people on this site I am not a expert about Russia but I have experienced it and learned a lot about it.So OMG lets not take it all too serious:)

        • By the way for all you people rambling on about Russia,the soviets said it as SSSR which is CCCP in the Russian alphebet.The USA said it as USSR.

    • “Look at the news, the EU survives at the expense of russians.”
      ROFL! PMSL!
      I missed this jewel of Comrade Putin´s propaganda 😀

  2. After refreshing bath we run back to avtomobile and flesh freeze to door handle. Once upon a time I froze my man-ness to the petrolcap of a VAZ-2101.

    • I was not in pain so bad as you may think. Big problem for me was entire willage laughing at my man-ness. I am still called “Bilosh Lada Lover”. Is why I am so sad :((

      • Oh man! – If you live in a small town that could stick with you for life. But maybe since you’re not afraid to talk about it on line you’re big enough to handle the jokes. (HA HA!) Out here if you make a bad name for yourself you just might need to move to a new town.

  3. they cannot make some basic infrastucture overe there so they run to parking place to put dry pants on. russians can survivie everything but their incompetence.

  4. “Russian city Tyumen is just an ordinary city in Siberia. The company that carries the name of this city in it’s title has acquired “British Petroleum” company some time ago.”


    I think this might refer to a division of BP that was a joint venture in the region until the Russian side of the business decided to expel all parties from the non-Russian side last year?

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  6. нехуевая закалка,молодцы ,здоровее будут.

      • …and besides; I’ve been interested in Russian people and Culture ever since I was a kid. I even studied the language for a couple of years way back in college. (20 years ago!) I was never good at it, it’s really a difficult language for your typical dumb american like me. I can only wish that I could read it, I gave my Russian/English dictionaries away 15 years ago to a Russian guy that I work with. (We have quite a few Russians here in Oregon). I remeber how happy he was when I gave them to him. We still work together, but I would feel uncomfortable to ask for them back. Maybe I shouldn’t worry: his english has really improved over the years, maybe he doesn’t need them now!

  7. I same in a outdoor pool in Omsk, in the middle of the winter, It was obviously heated, and the outdoor temp was around -30 I think. It wasn’t bad at all, but the walls surrounding the pool had about a foot of ice stuck to them, due to all the frozen steam from the pool.

    Nice times…

  8. Good luck, but stay away from hotels, nightclubs, shopping malls, and prostitution parlors which cater to Americans and Brits (Consider this a little insider information from a friend). 🙂

  9. Пиздец вы тут хуету развели. Эт че, пропаганда против Росии мля? Не, мудацкий у вас сайт однозначно!

    мимопроходящий чел из Одессы.

  10. I from Tyumen, and it is natural hot water from ground. This place location in 8 km from town.
    Tyumen in 3th place richiest Russian city, all gas and oil there =))

    • 🙂
      oil and gas there are not in Tyumen city. oil and gas wells is on far north of Tyumen region (Tyumenskaya oblast).

      ЗЫ: не вводите иностранцев в заблуждение лишний раз. они и так вон думают, что русские не моются вообще, кроме как раз в году в горячем источнике :)))

  11. i am not doing the whole banya ritual in Omsk at christmas. Get all hot in a sauna go jump into a river with a foot of ice over it wearing a speedo. in the dead of winter…IN SIBERIA!!!! am i being gay or does that not sound like a good idea?

  12. How is it that all the old women we see in Russia are fat and ugly(see above pic) and the young ones are all so pretty? At what age do they suddenly change?


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