52 Soviet Israeli Propaganda

Soviet Israeli Propaganda


57 Class War: Burned Corvette

Class War: Burned Corvette

Some people say they can't stand "those rich punks riding their hundred thousand dollar cars when around everything looks ruined and school teacher's salary is $100/month". So they act sometimes.
This time in Ukraine. USA cars really can cost twice or even triple price if compaired to their price in States. That's because of huge European car taxes + shipping costs and stuff.
Russian church in old railway car 1

46 Railway Car Churches

Railway Car Churches

It can look bit crazy, but it seems that there is a widespread train in Russia to organize Orthodox-Christian churches in old railway cars. It could seem like
it's a modern phenomena but bit retrospective digging reveals that some of them already appeared when the railroad itself appeared in Russia.
Russian police doesn't like greenpeace 1

41 No Greenpeace, Please

No Greenpeace, Please

What a green walking greenpeace
trash-bin has to say to Russian police?
Tom Cruise in Russia meeting Russian girls 1

21 Tom Cruise in Russia

Tom Cruise in Russia

Yesterday Russian girls got an occasion to touch Tom Cruise,
the actor, who have visited Moscow for the first time.
Russian deer racing 1

14 Deer Racing

Deer Racing

These days is a great day for the dwellers of Northern regions of Russia. The polar night lasting many days before when the Sun didn't come above the horizon and the land was covered with the darkness ends. People come from all the regions to
celebrate. The main fun during celebration is the deer race. People bring their best deers and race, race, race. The looser deers are being eaten then, like, they did not satisfy the expectations, giving the big meals to everyone.
Spoiled cars in Russia 1

10 Car Revenge

Car Revenge

Car becomes an object for revenge
nowadays. Russia is not exception.
Russian girl sells coat 1

15 Selling Her Coat

Selling Her Coat

This Russian girl decided to sell her coat on the Internet auction, ebay like system of Russia. After posting her ad she also
attached a photo, and that photo turned instantly into meme across Russian Internet. The photo itself is below.
Soviet Street Ads 1

26 Soviet Street Ads

Soviet Street Ads

Speaking about street ads and it's abundance in the streets of Russian cities now people always append to the Soviet Era when there were almost no ads on the streets. Well, it's true that during the Soviet reign they didn't advertise any goods or services on the streets, because there was no competition and Russian people had no choice
what to buy, so there were absolutely no need to ask them to buy. What amuses me most, is that during Communist Party rule the most advertised stuff was the Communism itself. People were constantly reminded about the absolute necessity of Communism in their lives and about that it is the only right way.
9 Some Videos 10

Some Videos 10

We just yesterday remembered the Lenin's tomb - the "mausoleum" and now here is the video of some pranksters
dressed as mummies and visiting their brother holy Mummy. It seems that Russian police was against that.

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