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    • OMG look at that plane you can even see the rust on the sides of the fuselage, wings and tail. Typical Russian planes rightly dubbed flying coffin by the media cause they crashed so often. 🙁

        • that’s the accident i meant. Accidents happen you can’t do nothing about it. But the pilot died trying to lead away the plane from the people. YES! we are the best. And by we i mean russians & ukrainians & belorussians.

      • Miss india is a pakistani not india masquarading as miss india to spread enimity between indians &russians. BTW Indian Air Force has mostly russian planes.

      • Take it easy. She’s NOT an Indian. Most here know that. She’s masquerading in a fake id to spew venom in this forum. Maybe she’s a common enemy of Russia and India.

    • With the right fuel:weight:power ratio it can be done. The further a plane flies means the less it weighs due to the spent fuel, and the less fuel it takes to power it. This ratio keeps changing for the benefit of distance until the fuel runs out.

    • 1,500 miles, you should check your facts. The radius of a Tupolev Tu-22 M is about 7000 kilometers (even more with external fuel tanks.),that is about 4350 miles. Even more with external fuel tanks.
      Which is more than the radius of an American B-1B lancer.

      • the Combat Radius (unrefueld, I think, would be around 5000-6000 kilometers. What is between 3125 and 3750 miles. As far as I know, and what I found on google there are no official numbers about the combat radius. But the 1500 miles what you said for combat radius is to small in my opinion. (BTW: happy new year, for me time to go :))

        • Ummm I think the point was.. if 4000km 2000nm, 3124nm, 1500nm or 7000km it still isn’t anywhere near around the world.

  1. It has a 7000 kilometer range. Also, it has a combat radius of about 2500 kilometers. That’s far from “flying around the world.”

    And it’s being produced since ’72..

  2. The TU-22 is a good regional bomber, it does however need air to air refueling to fly around the world.

    It is not allowed to have that capability however due to Arms Limitations Treaties with the US. Although there has been some talk about abandoning it.

  3. Can if fly from, ohh . . . just for example, as a hypothetical situation, could if fly without this refuel from Tehran to Tel Aviv?

  4. Is it the aircraft the friends from “Peculiarities of National Hunt” used to transport a cow? The movie was made during the good old pre-Putin times, when Russians were not taking themselves so seriously…

  5. “The movie was made during the good old pre-Putin times, when Russians were not taking themselves so seriously…”

    Pay attention to the recent “Election Day”, to see that Putin made no difference. You know, KGB guys were initially human beings, so they can smile and LOL and even ROFL, esp. after some training 😉

    There were also sequels of both “Peculiarities…” and “Election Day” but they’re not as good as first parts.

  6. For the record it cannot fly around the world un refueled. It could if the air to air refueling probe was installed, under the START treaty they have to be removed. This is interesting as none of the US Bombers have this requirement. Although there is no US equivalent to this airplane. This is a high speed hi altitude aircraft like he B-1A which was never produced. The B-1B is a subsonic highspeed low altitude penetrator.

    Some reports state that tu 22 can be used for low alt high speed penetration like the B-1B , but when this model was debuted in 1969 this was not really a common practice for strategic bombers. Only the American F-111 a tactical bomber used this.

    Regardless even assuming the parity of the tu22m and the B-1B, it is interesting that no US bombers have restrictions on air to air refueling. I wonder if this was an answer to the numerical superiority of nuclear russian missiles and MIRVS.

    • US bombers do not have restrictions on refueling, but they do have restrictions on nuclear ordinance carrying, including nuclear capable cruise missles, which are limited to the B-52.

      All the START stuff is really complicated, I believe though the B-1s and B-2s are limited to a conventional role only under it. The B-1s can be reconverted to nuclear carriage with 90 days notice.

    • Somewhat, but very very long ago. The 45 degree swept wing aerodynamics that the Germans pioneered in the 1940s, and the basis for the axial flow turbojet engine, by Hans von Ohain in the late 1930s in Germany.

      Outgrowths from these basic designs form the basis for most of the combat aircraft in the world today.

      No unique aviation technology has come out of Germany in some time however.

  7. Georgians shot down one like this flying recon mission during Russian invasion. Russkies were very surprised about it. What a shame. Hehe! :))

    • Ukraine’s government respects Georgia’s sovereignty and that seems to make Russian people very angry. Overall though the consensus is that Russian army and air force is now quite outdated and needs more mobility. They won by overwhelming Georgia.

    • As the US didn’t do that anywhere in the world? Only difference is that we’re doing it near our borders which ensures OUR national security and stability.

      US does it anywhere in the world out of imperial ambitions.

      Perfect example are Chille in Iran which were both US-installed (violently!) fascist regimes extremely friendly to the US.

      Russia isn’t angry because the governments in Ukraine and Georgia are not Russian satellites but because they are openly HOSTILE to Russia, which leads us to believe it is another hegemonic venture.

      • So, do you not see anything strange with Georgia being “hostile” towards Russia, after Russian soldiers have been squatting on Georgian soil for years, harboring armed separatists firing at Georgians? Would you expect Georgians to fall in love with you for that?

        You say, Ukraine openly hostile towards Russia. Or is it Russia which is openly hostile towards Ukraine? Well, at least towards that part of Ukraine people, who are not puppets of Moscow, like Yanukovich. Besides, remember, Yuschenko was poisoned, and the tracks lead to Moscow (just like with that Polonium in London case).

        Etc. …

        If you want to make friends, then do behave like civilized people!

        First thing to do would be to re-evaluate the Bolshevik history of your Evil Empire, so that there is a chance for you to become a normal country. Otherwise Putin junta is dragging you back into the bloody Bolshevik swamp more and more by each passing day.

        And talking about fascism, modern day Russia looks extremely similar to Germany of 1930-ies. We all know how the Germans ended up, see that you do not repeat their mistake.

        • I am bringing up a world problem while you on the other hand are playing on America’s “exceptionalism”.

          Since you brought up Nazi Germany, they too demanded respect and authority, usually through military means. If you know your history well, you’d also know that most of Europe and many politicians in the US were SYMPATHETIC to fascism at first. They deemed it useful in combating communism and saw it as a new way to “unite the western world”.

          Comparing America to a pretty lady and Russia to a dirty bum is chauvinism at best, considering the nation is much older than yours, with a richer history, which produced many talented people which contributed to world culture and development.

          And it’s not like Russia is demanding anything unreasonable, simply stability on it’s OWN borders. And not like that part of the world is ANY of America’s business whatsoever.

          oh wait… I suppose nothing isn’t America’s business in the post-soviet world. right?

          • – I am not “playing on America’s “exceptionalism””, I am saying that they are doing better then most and as such they can serve as an example and earn respect and have voluntary followers. Unlike Russia.

            – “Nazi Germany, … demanded respect and authority, usually through military means”. Exactly. Just like Russia is doing now. Russia threatens nearly everyone and DEMANDS respect (instead of earning it).

            – “most of Europe and many politicians in the US were SYMPATHETIC to fascism at first” Ha Ha!!! What a foolish thing to say for a Russian!!! :)) Wasn’t that you who befriended Nazis and concluded cooperation agreement with them? Wasn’t that you who together with Nazis tore apart Poland and had a common military parade in Brest? Haha! You can read old Pravda newspapers and see how Red Army bravely fights Polish “bandits” hand in hand with Nazi friends. Wasn’t that you who divided Europe in agreement with Nazis and quickly collected part of Romania, Baltic countries and tried to do the same with Finland. Also you may read in old German newspapers about plans for a common German-Russian-Japanese union against the “rotten Western democracies”. Jeee… Did you even know these things? Or it is OK with you because that served Mother Russia well :)) And YOU call ME a chauvinist? Ha Ha!!! What a typical Russian hypocrisy 🙂

            – “Comparing America to a pretty lady and Russia to a dirty bum” – Sorry, but this is how it looks now. That is not my fault. (I bet you will argue that it is not Russian fault
            either – it is someone else’s fault of course, probably USA’s. 🙂 )

            – “nation is much older than yours” – Heh. Maybe. Depends upon what you consider a nation. Starting with former Mongol collaborators cut-throats of Muscovy. Strangely, for most of the time Russia was ruled by non-Russians, remember for example Katherine who was German from Baltics. The nobility in Russia normally spoke either French or German.

            – “richer history” – Oh yes, a very rich history of despotism, bloody wars and oppression.

            – “produced many talented people which contributed to world culture and development” – Yes. Just like any other nation. If we take into account the huge size of Russia – even less. Besides – who Russian are? Was Mendeleev Russian (Mendeleev – i.e. Mendel’son – Mendelson = Jew)? Was Gogol (Gogol – Hohol = Ukrainian, who originally wrote in Ukrainian) Russian? Was Pushkin (Offspring of a black man from Africa, who learned French before Russian and originally wrote in French) Russian? Maybe. Or maybe not. Depends upon definition.

            – “Russia is demanding … stability on it’s OWN borders” – Heh. Just like you once demanded the same for border around Leningrad and invaded Finland in 1939? Well, why shouldn’t Georgia for example demand stability on ITS OWN borders? Or Ukraine? Or Estonia? Do they have less rights then you because they are smaller and weaker? Oh, sorry, I forgot, that in current Russian mindset they are not “real countries” at all. Even Russia’s foreign minister horse-face Lavrov publicly called Georgia “a virtual project” and not a country.

            – “And not like that part of the world is ANY of America’s business whatsoever” – Sure. But it is business not of Russia alone, but also of all the other countries it does border, who may have their own opinion about it, which may differ from that of Russia but should be equally respected. And some of them just happen to have American friends, you see.

            – “I suppose nothing isn’t America’s business in the post-soviet world. right?” – Maybe. Must note that nothing of it is Russian business too on equal terms.

            I am not American, by the way.

            • “Maybe Georgia wants stability on their own borders?” ?!?!!?!??!!??!
              They should have though of that before invading South Ossetia and Abkhazia and attacking Russian outposts and killing Russian soldiers.

  8. Now that I can see the other photos it looks like a F14 or F15 (one of the 2).Russia got their Buran space shuttle from us,maybe they copied our jets as well.

    • Yep!! Totaly, especially since this aircraft was designed years before the F-14. Come on, all scientists eventually arrive to the “same right answer” – there are only a few designs that make absolute sense, so they all end-up looking similar. Don`t need to copy, it just makes sense from the aerodynamic perspective

  9. I’ve been the first twice. Do you think I care that you don’t care that I don’t care that you don’t care that I totally don’t care?

  10. I kiss the TU-22!!!! When I see one fly above my house, I raise a wodka glass and toast “drop one little bomb on a capatilst for me!”

  11. Last month I saw a couple of them on static exhibition, at Kiev Aviation Museum. I thought it was outphased. If I remember well, information plate was saying range about 6500km.

  12. @Miss India said: “OMG look at that plane you can even see the rust on the sides of the fuselage, wings and tail. Typical Russian planes rightly dubbed flying coffin by the media cause they crashed so often”

    There’s no rust. Can’t be. Unlike Indian “Tata” long range bombers which probably made out of riveted iron, Russian aircraft made out of pretty complex alloys. So – no rust sorry.

  13. Иностранные любители авиационной техники, будете в Московской области проездом рекомендую посетить музей авиации что в Монино.

  14. Я за действия дельцов временщиков не отвечаю, их самих следовало там порубить на винегрет. Что тебе так сдался этот албанский, ничего в этом коверканье русского языка хорошего не вижу? Лучше скажи почему ты стал так ненавидеть свою Родину и видеть в США землю обетованную?

  15. In Korea, the American F-86 matched up well with the MiG-15.

    Then the Amis tried to make aircraft that could do everything, and as a result we built a number of aircraft that could not do anything well. It was like trying to build one plane that could run like a sports car, could take the family on a long vacation, and could haul coal.

    Consequently we lost a lot of aircraft in Vietnam.

    During the late 1950s and 1960s the Americans came up with the swing-wing concept. The swing-wing was supposed to operate from short fields, fly long distances at low speed with the wings extended, and sprint rapidly (with the wings tucked-in) for defense or offense. But the yoke that controlled the wings was too heavy and too bulky, and there were too many compromises so that the swing-wing could not do anything well. Unfortunately we built a lot of them so they are still around.

    The Soviets did not want to fall behind, so they too built a swing-wing. Beautiful craft. But the Americans finally decided that swing-wing was not the way to go, and the only good that came out of the effort was that the Soviets wasted a whole lot of time and effort trying to keep up.

    • >> …the swing-wing could not do anything well …

      Strange. The US Navy’s Grumman F-14 Tomcat did its mission of fleet air defense, and later ground attack, quite well, as some MIG drivers might attest to if they survived. The Tomcat drivers (Tomcat pilots) I’ve spoken with have nothing but praise for the F-14, and it handled the harsh life on a carrier well for over 30 years. It’s a pity it had to be replaced by a newer if not inferior (to it) platform.

  16. Da uj veselo jivem!!!




    • Yes, you’re right, this plane is too small to have round-the-world capabilities.
      Only big ones as B-52 are capable of that.

  17. I would like Miss India to explain just how aluminium rusts – it doesn’t! I suppose she thinks aircraft are made of steel or iron.

    The brown stains usually seen on aircraft are merely hydraulic fluids or similar.

    Cretins should not open their mouths to reveal how ignorant they are. Miss India = dolboeb!

  18. You did an outstanding feat uploading these pics – thanx very much !
    Love the photographers craftmansship and the quality of the pics as well.

  19. Tu-22 was Blinder, but these are pictures of Tu-26 Backfire — or am I missing something? It was a long time ago. OK, it seems the cover name for Backfire was Tu-22M, but this is clearly more than “modifikatsirovanni”…?

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