Video Sunday 2

Today some videos popular on Russian Internet.
First one above is from some Christmas sale!

Riding a bike can be dangerous!

This guy was adored by many. He tried to brake a bottle, but no luck 🙁

Tajikistanians working on construction sites of Moscow are very creative. Once we had “Jimmy Jimmy” singer, now a dancer.

Some road accidents in Moscow, Russia.

14 thoughts on “Video Sunday 2”

  1. This guy was adored by many. He tried to brake a bottle, but no luck.


    разбит бутылку или тормозит бутылку?

  2. see what these great yankees bring you – sales, cheap, buy more:)) i am glad the cold war is over and everyone can live in peace,

  3. The car crash post is the best. That one car getting flipped while crossing four traffic lanes…man, the driver had to know they were going to get it before they even started the turn.

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  5. In the crashes vid they show like some cars that cross the whole lanes… why??? And why won’t they stop at corners when there aren’t traffic lights?? And why would anyone cross into the contrary lane in a busy highway??

    Bottomline… why do people drive so fuc*** bad in Russia? Don’t they need to approve some kind of test or somethin like in any other western country???

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