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Russian advertisement 1

One Russian online company has started its ad campaign by putting those paper ads on the telegraph poles and bus stops in major Russian cities. The ads contained the offer for some not very common goods, like “Large Hadron Collider for sale, cheap, customer pick up from 30 feet underground in Europe” or other stuff like that. They put futuristic looking flying cars, moon luxury properties etc on those ads and intrigued people. I don’t know if they succeeded in gaining enough attention for their services in such a manner, but those are pieces of their ads.

Russian advertisement 2

Russian advertisement 3

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  1. I wonder, if someone except Russians does read this blog, but in case they do, I’m tryed tomade a translation for the first pic: “Large Hadron Collider, used, made in 2008. Length 27km. Can accelerate large and small particles to a very high speeds. Condition is pretty good, though there is some corrosion and defects in the third line. There is possible side effect of mini black holes also. Buyer must dig it out from the depth of 100 meters.”

  2. The other two ads are:

    Selling, urgently!
    Flying car “Flysler 7500” manufacturing date 2034 AD.
    Quantum engine is in the good condition. Minor plasma leaks. Front windshield has a crack.
    Holographic systems, heated drape seats, antitheft system equipped with the laser-turret. Energy shield required repair.
    8500 credits or best offer

    Detached house on the light side of the moon in the gated community “Moonhills” with view on Earth. Beautiful rocky parcel of land 100 km sq. Underground pool, large garage for two spaceships of “Virginia” class size. Friendly gray neighbours. Separate washrooms.
    Price: 42000 or best offer.

  3. Thanks, poster (can’t see your nick anywhere, sorry!)Keroro and Vugluskr23! (laughs hysterically)

    Clever people. I wonder what their business really was, though :-))))


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