Don’t Sex and Drive

Russian coca-cola truck  1

This Cola-Truck driver amused all the fellow drivers by smashing all the obstacles entering the opposite lane and then ravishing thru it right to the river.
When the police came on to crime scene and saved the driver and his passenger they figured out that she was all dressed except her underwear – so the reason of the accident was put “an accidental sex during the driving”.

Russian coca-cola truck  2

Russian coca-cola truck  3

Russian coca-cola truck  4

Russian coca-cola truck  5

18 thoughts on “Don’t Sex and Drive”

  1. The driving style in itself [and its effects] is not at all unusual on Russian roads. Just drive a bit between Moscow and St. Petersburg, i.e.

  2. Punishment for being pregnant prostitue is to execute by rope around neck while rescue man look at ass. It funny that she put BACK into ice river to receive punishment.

  3. CΓ³mon… they must check if was coming so STUF out of her V… She is without her underware? doenst mean anything… maybe she has only one and it was in the washing day… or maybe her V… was needing a fresh air…
    police dirty mind!

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