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  1. Сильно, очень сильно. Судя по форме и типу самолетов (биплан) это середина, конец 20-х(не все, пара еще с 1 мировой). На плечи их легла своею тяжестью война, они ее вынесли. Нынешнее поколение пигмеи на их фоне, растленное, избалованное благами.

    • Ну вы же не хотите чтобы всем досталась война на их пути. У современного поколения свои условия отбора.

      • Merry Christmas all!

        I have been trying to identify the motorcycle as well. The key elements are the two speed shifter, the levers coming out of the end of the handle bars, the 4 stroke side valve single cylinder engine, the front suspension with the large spring near the head and the odd exhaust system on the right side. The ONLY bike I can find with that shifter is the British AJS mid 1920’s. But, I can’t find one with that front suspension or that engine.

        This bike is VERY close:


        But notice this one has Overhead Valves and the suspension spring is different.

  2. Great photos!

    The truck in photo 23 looks like a 1930 Ford AA (the larger version of the Model A).

    Also the airplanes in photo 22 seem to be Sopwith Camels.

    Can anyone identify the motorcycle in photo 14? It has chain drive and a suicide shifter on the right side.

  3. Most pictures show the same guy over and over. Anybody special ? I like the motorcycle too. Could be an early ‘minsk’.
    Definitely not URAL or Dnjepr, as these were all shaft driven [derived from old BMW models like R71 [if I remember correctly]

  4. Не хочу конечно, война была испытанием (которое дай Бог не повторится) а не фактором отбора. Я о том что то поколение с энтузиазмом строило нашу стану, училось, а не пялилось на Дом-2, просижигало время в онлайн играх или тупо глушило пиво на лавках

    • Not so much enthusiasm, but necessity. But don’t worry, upcoming economic crisis and environmental challenges might yet shape some tough characters in coming years.

      The question is, will everyone cope with such shock to the system?

  5. Many pictures depict a pilot’s training school in Leningrad. The man seen in many photo’s also has insignia identifying him as a pilot.

  6. interesting. looks like a family album. also, note a second guy, who keeps reappearing here and there (the one with a long nose) – a friend, apparently. The last pics date back to 1930-s – which is suspicious: did the guy get shot or imprisoned in the end?

  7. Actually, I found the photos quite chilling, and in the Russki sense, morbid. Especially that they lacked (as usual at this site), any explanatory captions in English. One of the reacurring pilot photos is not bolshoi Russki, but more probably Jewish. Yes, a record of one or two family albums, beginning in 1915 or so, and ending in the mid-30s.

    So we are left to wonder at the fate of such men. Not that, at this late date, we can do anything about identifications, or justice for these patriots, or their stories. So except for some later relatives, they are just some ghosts of history. Cyphers.

    Rossiya has lots of history, most of which is so incredibly bad that many moderns seem dedicated to forget, just as soon as possible. Only in action to repeat the past, once again, one fears. G]

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  9. To Gerry: Hmm, why would they look morbid to anyone? They don’t look any different from the photos of the same period from England, Canada, or Germany.
    Quite on the contrary, I find the open-endedness of captionless photos fascinating, esp. when you can tell the rank and decorations. And it’s entirely up to your knowledge of history to make out stories behind the photos, unless of course one ain’t an ignorant and arrogant Yanko-Pom.
    And, ah, why is “most of” Russian history is so “incredibly bad”????? Its “badness” miserably pales in comparison with the British history…

  10. Рабоче-Крестьянской Красной Армии – Слава!
    For saving Germany from Hitler and nazi felons (and now I don’t want to hear comments about the GDR)

  11. 11th photo down – the guy in the center and to the right <- Now that’s a KOMMANDIR! Not like me or my friends, grown up in this greenhouse, lotus-eating, feminized, confused slime of a society.


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