40 thoughts on “Balalaika Rocks”

  1. 1st.

    Also, its nice to see something that isnt just like REALLY BAD dance house music come out of Russia, i didnt know they had real music there.

    • Alexey Arkhipovsky – great musician. I was at his concert two yers ago. All audience was hypnotized by him. He is really great!

    • Excellent! He’s doing for the balalaika what Bela Fleck does for the banjo and Jake Shimabukuro does for the ukelele – make people rethink their concept of the limitations of the instrument.

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  3. Everybody know balilaika is for little girlie wearing lacy pink dress!!! I only make joke!! These music remind me of old days on potatoe camp. It bring wet to the eyes.

  4. That was a great piece of music. Here in the USA we really appreciate something like that coming from Russia. A great people with many talents for sure.

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  6. That was simply awesome! Some of the audience was listening with their eyes closed, and no wonder. Russia has some unbelievably talented artists I would love to see perform across European countries. And for the rest of the World.

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