Miss World 2008 – Wrong Flag Again

Russian Miss World 2008 1

It’s kind of not funny now. We had a few days ago the Russian Miss something contest winner who was holding Russian flag up-side-down so that it looked like Serbian flag. Now again – this time the glorious Miss World 2009 winner Xenia – first thing she made in airport after arriving to Moscow was taking the wrong flag! Though this time journalists corrected her but still there were a few minutes of total fail.

Russian Miss World 2008 2

Russian Miss World 2008 3

39 thoughts on “Miss World 2008 – Wrong Flag Again”

  1. this flag very very old and this combination of colours is used by pretty much all slavic nations and a whole bunch of other countries round the world..

    If anything this decign is original.. and all others copied from it..

    what flag design is original in your opinion???

  2. both times it was a major mistake on behalf of promoters and event managers… the company which organized this meet and greet at airport and was responsible for this piece of wardrobe should be fired.

  3. That is the flag before the red soviet hammer and sickle when held the correct way.Vladimer Lenin screwd up the country When the communist block changed the capitalist Russian federation.70 years later Russia is back to normal and the women are more beautiful than ever.

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  5. Теперь Россия равна с остальной частью мира. Не может изменить прошлое, но предисловие взгляда к будущему:)

  6. Соу флаг упсаиде дошн ис а дистрез сигнал. Бут, Уат коунтри тизи даис ис нот ин дистрез?

  7. Your reply is less poetical than mine, even with all those curses, and your Cyrillic transcription of English phonetics equally poor. Fak iu tu.

  8. Задайте другу следуюший вопрос: Винни Пух – свинья или кабан?
    И наслаждайтесь…
    90% отвечают – свинья, хотя правильный ответ – медведь.
    думаю намёк понят…

  9. Wrong flag?
    Indeed. Should have been a red one with crossed worker an peasant tools in the left upper corner!
    Hahaha, no, just kidding 😀

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  11. Fantastic site, where did you come up with the information in this write-up? I’m pleased I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

  12. All I know, that women miss russia is perhaps the most beautiful I have ever seen. When you’re handed a flag by the organisers and have to wave it, I suppose under the conditions she was in, lights, cameras action etc etc, you really do not have much choice, but to hold the flag and wave it. What does the Indian flag look like any way. I wouldn’t know if it was upside down, side ways or what ever. Ask a beggar in Mumbai aka Bombay, or one of those dying floating bodies that regularly float down in the Ghangis what the Indian flag looks like, I’de bet they couldn’t tell you.

  13. Pretty but thats not the only thing you win with. Also brains and personality. she must represent. So thats kind of a bad mistake lol. Mabye she had her head bussy with other things haha 😀 Ah well. no laughs without people like her.


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