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  1. Это спортивный комплекс “Олимпийский” ст. метро “Проспект мира”, там рядом мечеть и по всей видимости праздничная молитва на Рамадан.

  2. Кстати, англо-саксонские камрады, а где же толерантность, веротерпимость, уважение к личности за отсутсвие которых вы нас все время упрекаете? Что то в коментах которые уже есть ( чувствую подобных будет штук 30 не меньше) этого не особо видно.

    • Leo, what cult was responsible for the Beslan Massacre(s)? What religious ideology was behind the suicide bombings of Moscow’s Metro a few years back? What horrible religion was behind the downing of two Russian airliners before the Beslan Massacres? I will give you a hint… It wasn’t the Russian Orthodox Church, or an evangelical Christian organization, it wasn’t the Buddhists, it wasn’t the Joooooooooooos, it wasn’t the Hindooooooos; do you have any idea who it was Leo?

      • Which ideology was behind the Holodomor {Ukraina, 30’s] and Katyn [WWII], etc etc…?? Exactly. Do not generalize. It is too easy to say all muslims are bad. People are the problem, not the ideology in itself. Frustration will fuel bad ideas and motivate people to do horrible things. Who was sawing off a Tajik’s head last week and proudly sending pictures and videos of the event to all media? Rrrrright!!!!!

        The Russian Orthodox church dead patriarch [Alexey II] was before he became the church’ leader early 90’s an avid supporter of KGB and the regime that supressed the church. He was an informer and knew precisely which ass to kiss to get where he wanted to be. Street smart guy, opportunist in the best Russian tradition. This aspect was memorized in only a few media…

        • yeah, that´s right but most of moslim people are aggresive…someone is aggersive into himself but in general it´s big danger for all europe. check situation into moslim ghettos in france, england…

          • This agression and hostility comes mainly from poverty and frustration. Most people when treated with respect will return that favor.
            Poor and frustrated people are easy to manipulate by smart-asses who are after power. Look at Russia’s own history, the revolutions, communism.
            If you humiliate people and use them as garbage, that is what you get. If you are underpaying the Caucasians and using them like throw away, disposable assets, them might become criminal and agressive because they need to survive. it is suprising most of them act so decent and humble. the collapse of the building on arbat in Mockba last week, 6 Tajiks were killed and one russian was missing. The Tajiks were not even mentioned on the news. how would you feel ?

            My point is what you sow is what you will get in return. Hate and agression and revolution. treat people like you want to be treated yourself.

            • but most of immigrants are ok and they try to be good citizens. only in some groups of people like moslims it´s problem…that´s because of their religion don´t U think? I think that they aren´t ready to live in our civilisation yet

  3. This blog is English language. Don’t make a fool of yourself. Most people here have no idea what you’re writing, so why bother.

  4. The church is Russia is about politics, and not about religion. like I wrote before the Russian Orthodox church dead patriarch [Alexey II] was before he became the church’ leader early 90’s an avid supporter of KGB and the regime that supressed the church. He was an informer and knew precisely which ass to kiss to get where he wanted to be. Street smart guy, opportunistic networker in the best Russian tradition. It is all about power and infuence. He managed to prevent the Pope (several times) from coming to the Russia several time, afraid people would return to catholisism instead of the orthodox religion. These aspect was memorized in only a few media…

    The village priests those are the men one should cherish, they do good and are real heroes. Not the bags of lard sitting in the offices…

    also in general i am very sceptical about religion in russia it is more a cultural thing than a real faith. how much does the russian church as an institution spend on charity? Indeed. foreign aid ? indeed… a percentage of your income for the poor and needy as is written in the bible ? hohohoho!!!

    people who have very little control over their life like in russia tend to lean towards things like superstition and religion, it might be the only thing left to exercise control over your life.

  5. Well, Islam is da truth….when all of you non-muslims die or the world has come to an end, you will know….don’t blame me for not reminding….enough said…

  6. Russia is and has been now for many centuries, a multi-ethnic, muliti-religious and multi-cultural country. Or perhaps we should start forcefully converting 30% of population into Christianity?

    It seems some Russians have fallen not very far behind from pretty Ukrainian and Baltic nationalism. A sad sight to see!

  7. That’s very similar to how many Latvians and Estonians see ethnic Russians. Nice?

    Ok, Racism and Nationalism now runs through their veins, thanks to nationalist propaganda and a campaign of hate toward ethnic minorites by the media, but shouldn’t you the Russians take the higher ground?

  8. i ia vsegda risuiu plan ploshadi: srazu poniatno otkudo eto delo mozhno zakidat’ granatami.

    SVD – does not stand for soviet viral disease.

  9. This must be stopped! Illegal immigration must be stopped! If not, Russians will soon walk the streets hearing chanting and ululations of the Koran and see men gathering like this five times a day, throwing their asses in the air for Allah.

  10. C’mon you’ve worked great in Chesnia, let continue the work, the planet has to be cleaned. Earth’s a lot too crowded anyway.

  11. Il y a une autre réalité à Moscou; c’est que l’on vois de temps a autre une maison pour étudiants africains partir en fumée, ou que l’on retrouve un tchetchene raide sur le trottoir au matin. Savent vivre ces Russes…

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