Moscow from Above… 70 Years Ago

Moscow city view 1

That’s shots of Moscow from the above again. The difference of the sessions we had before is that this is might be the oldest aerial view of Moscow, made by dirigibles in the beginning of the century.

Moscow city view 2

Moscow city view 3

Moscow city view 4

Moscow city view 5

Moscow city view 6

Moscow city view 7


12 thoughts on “Moscow from Above… 70 Years Ago”

      • Ow didn’t you know? In that time they didn’t had color camera’s 😉 So the green color isn’t really a swamp you see:)

        • I am an American and I have been to the Kremlin. It isn’t nearly as dark and foreboding as Westerners seem to think. B4 you condemn you should visit. That goes for everyone. I am not defending the Russian government in any way. However, I see Americans and Rus people trading insults here very often and the fact is if you haven’t been there you opinion means nothing. Majority of Yanks and Rus are the same. Take away language and culture and you have the same caveman. It is insane to aim Nuclear weapons at each other. I have spoken.

          • The church you see pictured here was destroyed by communist. Russia rebuilt it after Yeltsin came to power. The Russian Churches are magnificent, the interior is a giant work of art. In the Kremlin you have basically museums, churches, and government buildings. I especially enjoyed the Armory. In the Smithsonian they have a rare gems collection, it is impressive-but- it is nothing compared to the wealth of the Romonov’s jewelry which is on display at the Kremlin. A horse blanket with 10,000 pearls! Yes 10,000. That is just one item of thousands.

  1. moscow was and still is the trade center
    st petersburg was and still is a cultural capital
    for me architecture in st pete is better and more beautiful than in moscow

  2. سلام من هربار که به اینترنت سر می زنم به سایت شما می ایم قسمت تاریخی سایت شمارا خیلی دوست دارم منحصر بفرد است عکسهای بکر وبزرگ !! با تشکر موفق باشید از یکی از دانشگاههای ایران


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