27 thoughts on “Truck Down”

  1. What a mess !!

    And the worst thing is that most stuff in those garages is not insured [like the cars] because in russia insurance is not common. Insurances companies in Russia are not used to the idea of actually paying for damages, apart from that.

    So a lot of damage for a lot of people and no compensation.

  2. something like that happened in germany last week, a truck dropped 10 meters (30 feet) deep from a highway bridge onto a railway line, the driver survived with almost no injury…..


  3. Why this weblisting not take my postings – then it post 4 time? My computer is art-of-state Pentiumnik 1.01 so that is not the problem. Smell like evil capitalist plot.

    • I not AssJACK. Weblisting is not proper working order. I respectfully come to your willage and put fist in your disrespectful capiatalist face!!!

      • Becausing to the fact I is lover not fighter I withdraw “fist” comment. Capitalist swine have obviously been mind-tormenting me through my computor. Mind feel like small bearded dog.

    • Propaganda ? Lies ?

      I even give the links to the Russian newspapers and websites. The big difference between me and the average Russian is that I am not afraid to criticize. I welcome introspection, because only then one can develop and grow. Most Russians seem to have no desire to develop or grow – ‘lets leave everything the way it is, ore, better even, lets go back to old times’!!
      Russia is rotten, and a big part of the problem is the numbness of the ‘average Russian’, whose actions are in general limited to endless theoretical political discussions and statements like ‘we have problems, yes!!, but things are improving !! ‘ while drinking themselves into oblivion. Turn your words into actions, compatriots !!

      The economic crisis is getting worse and worse – and the money-grabbers are fully supported by the government.

      Majority share holders of companies like SIBIR ENERGY and NORILSK [2 or 3 oligarchs] are using their voting power to sell their own [now mostly worthless due to the crisis] private assets [like real estate or shares/bonds in bankrupt or doubtful banks] to the companies they control for last years full price. The cash is parked on an offshore account or used to meet short term margin calls on loans.
      And to keep up the prestigious lifestyle.
      Meanwhile, the companies that provide work/employment for 100.000’s of people are hollowed out and sucked dry. Left with no cash and lots of financial obligations. [70% has been financed by foreign banks who eventually want their money back.] Protesting minority shareholders were ignored.
      And the government did nothing, even though the economy is crashing even faster because of actions like this. Russia ‘scredit rating has been lowered to BBB status, meaning that they will have more problems financing their economic plans in the future. This has a negative effect on all Russians !

      Prove me wrong

    • Propaganda ? I’m not promoting anything. I am critical. Everybody should, esp. in Russia, where numbness and apathy rule. The result is there, a corrupt and corrupted mess.

      As for my statements, prove me wrong. I give links to Russian websites and international ones. And I do live in Russia, in Dolgoprudny to be precise. No longer a secret city, so maybe you’ve heard of it ?

  4. We know russian (and ukrainan) drivers don’t wear seatbelt. Especially truck drivers. So this driver most likely was killed.

    But the painting on the side of the truck seem to be a self fulfilling prophecy.

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