15 thoughts on “Old New Art”

  1. Except for the first one, the jokes are unreadable for a non-Russian.
    Replacing a person with a Hollywood product is not automatically funny…

  2. Girl on first pic-painting is Jewish – specially the eyes. Not that I have anything against Jews, just pointing it out. In fact, it adds another layer of meaning to the painting: she was detained because she looked like it.

  3. An interesting photoshop. This image is taken from the film,”Bladerunner”, a US Movie, 20 years or more ago? There were no KGB in the plot. She’s a real beauty though, maybe not now so much. She was made up to be an exquisite female, so as to make her in the plot, a real question as a possible ‘replicant'(fake human being). One wondered that, after the shock, if one touched her, whe would shatter, or something.
    I must admit that at the time, her presense was arresting, at least for males. Mesmerizing, as if all time stopped. As when such near perfection never happens. I think that females might have thought or sensed, this also. I do not know her name. Gerry


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