16 thoughts on “Another English Textbook”

  1. Those exaggerated situations cerntainly help you memorize everything; It’s hard to forget something like that.

    Good method.

    Thanks E.R.

  2. не понимаю нахуя эта секртность: some english textbooks…
    это статья из журнала Esquire, точнее его русскоязычного варианта
    пишите так как оно есть
    а то постоянно:
    some football match beetwen some football teams или еще что-нибудь в этом духе

  3. Я не понял “ризон бикоз” – I don’t get the “reason because” thing – what does it mean?

    The last one (with the duel) is pure classic, had to download that.

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  6. “Don’t use “will” after “if””??? that?

    Never heard of that. Were you referring to split infinitives? If so that is garbage as English is not Latin.

  7. Typical base level Russian humour…racist, sexist….it’s gonna take another 100yrs I think before Russians elevate themselves to the level we here in the West reached…oh….50? 100? Yrs ago? There is NOTHING funny about homophobia, rascism, sexism….but you all cloak yourselves with your sad pathetic white supremacist (ummm any of you remember Hitler? You know…that guy your country lost so many of your brothers fighting against?) nonsense, thinking you can retaliate to all I’ve just said by spouting (&im predicting your responses here, because racists are SOO predictable! Haha! There’s no honor in being predictable,believe me!) your replies…which will no doubt put me down with “ohh your countries are messed up because of immigrants…gays…” oh really?then why are so many rich Russians paying millions to immigrate here then huh?


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