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  1. Прелесть. Ностальгия поцеловала в лоб:)

    This really hits home. I have very similar pics from my childhood in Russia.

  2. Awesome music video!!! But probably i know better one. Actually it`s the same video, but with another song by russian group Underwood “I want to go back to USSR a much more” (or in Russian: the groupname – Ундервуд, the song name- “Очень хочется в Советский Cоюз”.
    Also you could watch it here: http://ru.youtube.com/watch?v=yasMT0vZXqU&feature=related

  3. Very interesting.
    As i founded this site half year ago, it was no russian speaking people here. But now the picture has changend and every post russian wants to know what the other world shows about them.
    Thanks to the inwentor of this site.

    превед медвед

  4. There may be a nostalgia factor, but I think it’s popular because it’s very well done, also the song is not bad for Russian rock– I remember back in the 80’s most of the Russian rock bands that made it to the west were pretty bad — metal band Black Coffee comes to mind, but even the Brian Eno-produced Zvuki Mu album was kinda lame.

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