24 thoughts on “Don’t Mess with a Bear”

  1. aww, he only wanted bucket of food. 🙂

    problem is, if you panic and bear is only playing, then you make situation worse by hurting and then enraging the bear.

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  4. What can the bear do if its tied up?

    Lets say someone tries to break in, they just go around the bear?

    Maybe its scary but I think a dog is more effective. What do u say?

  5. Love it! Russians are brave and unique in dealing with bears!
    Do you suppose the bear would be less aggressive if had a shot of vodka?

    By the way, I am an American. Cheers to all Russians! You are a great people!

  6. палюбому кто тут выебывался на русских это были прибалты…. они визде тяфкают и ваняют как собачье гавницо в которое вляполся..

    judge the mental development of the country and its citizens for photos and videos can only complete kritiny …. We bear on a chain holding, and in Europe, fathers holding their daughters in the basement and raped .. Then there who occupies these countries?

    • if you make this comparation, animal killers and disorder mental father, I propose we think wich country give the world more serial killers 😉
      we are all unique. Just as every individual of a nation becomes a representative of it. This does not mean that all parents in Europe rape their daughters, right? like, I’m sure, not all the russians have bears in they’r house 🙂

  7. This woman live in my willage. She always is told not to be too sexy to bear. But she always tempting “ha ha bear you cannot have any!” I see bear cannot take it anymore.


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