Future Ads

Russian advertisement 1

One Russian online company has started its ad campaign by putting those paper ads on the telegraph poles and bus stops in major Russian cities. The ads contained the offer for some not very common goods, like “Large Hadron Collider for sale, cheap, customer pick up from 30 feet underground in Europe” or other stuff like that. They put futuristic looking flying cars, moon luxury properties etc on those ads and intrigued people. I don’t know if they succeeded in gaining enough attention for their services in such a manner, but those are pieces of their ads.

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Evpatoria Blast

Evpatoria city blast 1

This can happen in almost any ex-USSR city. Most ovens in old houses are on the gas supply. This gas doesn’t have any smell, so if someone leaves occasionally or on purpose a faucet open gas fills the inner room space very fast and then just a small spark is needed to ignite it, often caused by the phone call, often at night..

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Don’t Sex and Drive

Russian coca-cola truck  1

This Cola-Truck driver amused all the fellow drivers by smashing all the obstacles entering the opposite lane and then ravishing thru it right to the river.
When the police came on to crime scene and saved the driver and his passenger they figured out that she was all dressed except her underwear – so the reason of the accident was put “an accidental sex during the driving”.

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