19 thoughts on “It’s not Dirty”

  1. can you translate the writing on the car? On the back bottom it’s “catch me or i’ll catch you”. Something along these lines. But what is written on the hood?

  2. It looks like “snowspray” or something along those lines. If that was spraypaint or anything like that i wouldnt be as thick. Theyll just hose it down afterwards and it will be back to its former jetta glory.

  3. this is not aerografiya is frost on the car and who then made a finger sign .. in Russia it means “brother, you have marijuana?”

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  5. Writings on the car say
    ‘Hey bro, got anything?’ and
    ‘Catch me, or I’ll do so with ya(catch you)’.

    According to car’s model and color, this guy is kinda bandit(or just a bandit-wannabe). So he could take these writings as laugh at him


    Thats a slang

    Taken from song by Guf (Rus rap)

    БРАЧО = Bro (brother)
    ЕСТЬ ЧО? = Got some? – about drugs

    On the raer bump:
    Поймай меня? = Catch me?
    Или я тебя = Or me you

    Song: http://ifolder.ru/9457069

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