20 thoughts on “The Human Pixels”

  1. it is done by an professinal advertisement company in the states. same commercial with different thema is broadcasted in different countries, i seen it.

    so it is not done by russians or ex-russians or people around those countries.

  2. This idea was first used in a bank ad in brazil in 2006 It was on a green background.
    In 2007 same idea is used with same colors (red background white people) by a Turkish bank called “Akbank”. The ad has many different movies with different themes. I’m sure you can search samples in youtube using the keyword akbank.

    its someone stealing the idea from some and goes on..

  3. Nice music in the ad! Was it specially composed for this ad or is this something one can download? Anyone know what the name of the music is in that case?

  4. I wouldn’t call this creativity but an well-made work. that idea itself isn’t new. I’ve seen this on olympics. Beautiful ad though

  5. I like it… It’s pretty original, eh?

    I don’t really get the point of offending Ukrainians by saying that they re a bunch of blahblahblah

  6. around years 2005-2006 was in UK an TV advert for phone company called Talk-Talk. so this is just a copy. nothing creative from 1+1.

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