23 thoughts on “Russian Oldest Hard Rocker”

  1. hah its hella tight, in the vid the grandpa apoligizes for poor performance becouse he is celebrating his 70th bithday 7 days in a row, in Russia celebrating means getting drunk ALOT.

  2. i wish there were more people in russia like him. Rock/metal is really dead in russia. This country is very capable of producing great rock music but for some reason it just dosent happen

    • I listen to ДДТ and others (also I am learning russian) – of course they are not exactly hard rock or even metal, but I like them, they can do some good songs and albums.

        • Are you joking? DDT has gone, and nothing interesting had been done for last 10 years in rock-music!
          “Aria” done it in very much smart style: enjoy it:

          And something telling me, that I’ve heard it before. Maybe “Iron Maiden”?

      • “DDT” has been very cool for that times of 90-s. But today there’s no interest in it. Sorry. If I speak about the hard’n’heavy in Russia i’ll always remind myself “Aria”. “Coliseum” – this song is about the destiny of gladiator. Get it: http://musicfond.com/music/track/-/%D0%90%D1%80%D0%B8%D1%8F/%D0%9F%D0%BB%D1%8F%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B0%20%D0%90%D0%B4%D0%B0%20%28CD%201%29/?id=494558

  3. Хеви Метл во время Сталина, как смешно!
    Heavy metal in Stalin’s time, how funny that is!
    I bet Stalin sometimes locked himself in his toilet, allowing nobody to interrupt him and there listened to Western “50s heavy metal” music with a little transistor radio on his ear.

  4. They didn’t said about metal stalin. It was a joke of englishrussia. They said he played accordion in 50`s, acoustic guitar in 60`s, electric guitar in 70`s, and addicted to metal in 80`s. It DOES make sence, eh?

  5. Vsjom privjèt!
    The fact that Heavy Metal was banned in USSR is a big lie.
    Heavy Metal was born in UK in 1969, and not before. I listen to lots of Sovjet Heavy Metal bands of even the early 80’s. The lyrics were sang in Russian. Most of these bands were released from state label Melodia. It’s the most beautyful music I’ve ever heard. But without Internet, it’s impossible to get any information or record of this music, here in the West side. These bands have been playing concerts in the 80’s, all over USSR and other ex-socialist contries of the East Europe that had, at their turn, Heavy Metal bands as well. Visit web site http://www.metalrus.ru , section FAILOVI ARKIV. Downloads of complete records and videos are free.
    The West side had always got wrong information about USSR and RUSSIA, by the media.

    • “Бросай ты эти цои всякие, давай играй метал, шпарь!” (с) Russian Oldest Hard Rocker

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