No Gifts to Fans

Russian soccer 1

It’s usually the soccer fans who cause main problems during the game – running occasionally on the field adding the job to the security.
This time it got inverted – one of the players decided to throw his t-shirt to the fans as a gift – but then was roughly stopped by policemen guarding the stadium.
Fans got crazy after that and started throwing the plastic seats on the field.
They say that happened because this team was guest playing and won, but policemen were locals and have got behind their team so decided to revenge to the guests and push them hardly. So even people on duty can get involved into the sport battles.

Russian soccer 2

Russian soccer 3

Russian soccer 4

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24 thoughts on “No Gifts to Fans”

  1. It’s not ‘soccer’, it’s ‘football’. We’re not in the US, people.

    This event again demonstrates that Russian policemen /militia cannot be bothered with thinking or reasoning. Animals in a uniform. The majority has an IQ far below 100 points, which became clear recently when some test results were leaked to the internet. In fact, being a policeman is so unpopular that they accept virtually everybody able to walk en has two hands. Quite a few of them are simple country boys who can become a Muscovite this way. Which is considered ‘prestigious’ in Russia.
    And prestige is everything.

  2. This is Anatoly Timoshuk in the pictures,,, Zenit St. Petersburg midfield… he’s quite a big star over there.. Its surprising they stopped him…

  3. our policemen are actually quite bright. I mean come on, they make their own salaries on the streets and keep on coming up with new ways of taking money away from us “bad” drivers 🙂 They’re quite street-smart

  4. I love russia. I spend there almost every summer. This is a very interesting site, thought I do not share all the opinions here, I will definitely come back here to check what’s new.
    I am going to russai again in January to see some snow (it’s missing where i live). And here are some photos from Russia (last winter) if you are interested: See ya

  5. Russians stole the word “football” from english speaking countries. In Russian the name of the game should be “nogamjatchik”. 😉

  6. “Comment by natasha
    2008-11-25 04:16:59
    I’m a native Muscovite, and so is my mother , and her mother, etc.”
    Hey, girl!
    Men also did something for yeoh borning!
    Wanna try what they did?

  7. I’m Russian, ‘brat’.
    I guess you’re new on this blog. You demonstrate your own lack of IQ / healthy unbiased mindset by automatically assuming I’m American.
    How Russian. Everything outside of Russia is America, right? And therefore bad. That’s how you’ve been raised and educated, and you don’t even realize it. It’s so silly and backward.

    I’ve said it before and do it again: everybody [not just Russians, mind you] should spend a year or so abroad, just to get a fresh look at what you consider ‘normal’. It certainly worked for me. Think for yourself, judge for yourself. Be introspective, even if it doesn’t always give you a flattering outcome. It will make you grow and mature.

    Only in Russia being called a ‘cosmopolitan’ was an insult, at least until recently [but I think for many it still has a suspicious undertone]

  8. First. Why the abusive language ? You think it makes you more convincing ? It does not. It makes you look immature.Second. I live in Dolgoprudny. Russian enough for you ? I aquired a rare ability when living abroad: introspection and not being afraid of critical towards yourself and your country.
    I also exagerated. There are decent people in the militia. But the majority, i.p. in the traffic cops are scum.

  9. They didn’t taze hime or have eight hold him down while one of them shoots him in the back. Cops are bad all over.

    And don’t they say soccer in Canada? Not so sure about it but they do play our kind of football too.

  10. Thanks for your post. It makes a change to read an article that actually means something connected to football. I’ve got a similar website myself, so will keep popping back to see what else you’ve posted.

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