20 thoughts on “Moscow Adidas”

  1. Max how about instead of insulting people who feel like writing in english, you use a translator or LEARN RUSSIAN. Zalko chto tak mnogo debilov v amerike, a malo umnih.

    • This is an *English* speaking site (see *English*Russia.com). I don’t see anybody speaking Dutch or Swahili or some other language. Only Russians seem to lack good manners.

      By the way, you cannot expect everybody to learn Russian, since it’s not a de facto standard. I can write in Russian and do on Russian sites, but here it’s not called for.

      Also Ignat, what is your obsession with America? I didn’t see anybody implying they were from America. So I am just wondering why you are bringing it up.

    • Хехе, я с тобой согласен! 😀
      Я тоже изучаю русский язык чтоб лучше понять что пишут на сайте

    • For you everything outside of Russia is America, right ? I know that’s how the Russian government is presenting it over and over again [‘us against the others’] but it is just silly.

      Think and reason for yourself instead of parroting some cliches.

      • Were they really produced for the Moscow Olympics? It’s the sort of thing adidas would do.

        If so – it would make Miss India look like a TWAT!

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  4. These were used by Speznas, SVD and other troops in the Soviet-Afghan war. If anyone can get these, they can sell them for big money online to reenactors and airsofters.

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