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In Latvia they have a special museum for those who would like to dive into the now not present world of the Soviet exotics. Every visitor has to wear Soviet Russian prisoners cloths and when enters is being humiliated by the staff dressed as Soviet army soldiers. They yell on and almost beat all the visitors, force them to do things, wear gas masks, run distances and many many more things to do. Hard times he experiences there until this guided tour is ended.

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  1. I heard that the US is going to do something alike with Guantanamo!
    You’ll have to wear fake beards and dress up in robes and a fez…

  2. This one’s not in Latvia but in Lithuaniai. If one doesn’t already know such fact, you can at least tell that from the photo where fingerprints are being taken – the sign says “kontroliniai antspaudai” – that’s Lithuanian.
    Uhmm…and by the way – Lithuania is not Latvia, just in case someone thought so.

  3. Да без разницы Литва, Латвия, во всей Прибалтике происходит подобное. Подобные музеи устраивают те кто прославляет ССовцев, снося памятники настоящим героям.

  4. I agree with Saulevas – this is not Latvia, this is Lithuania, although most of you don’t really know/care about the difference anyway 🙂 This project is called “1984. Survival Drama” as a reference to George Orwell’s book. It is a very interesting experience of how things were in everyday life during the years of soviet occupation. You can find more info about it here –

    To Para bellum – you have to understand, that you and me, we understand history differently, from our perspective. To you soviet soldiers were heroes, for me they were occupiers, for you Soviet union is part of your national pride, for me it is country, which occupied my country. There is no single history, we all watch it from different perspectives, so it is not adequate for you to feel insulted about us in the Baltic states feeling not so enthusiastic about soviet army.


    • Doesn’t matter how you or we see history. This is not how every day life in 1984 Soviet Union was. This is 1920-1930 in some gulag in Siberia.

  5. in latvia, there is ex- army jail with simillar `reality show`. and reality game `escape from USSR` which is set in former military base (both things are really cool). check them out here:

  6. Para bellum: The real heroes are the ones who sent people to Siberia in cattle wagons?
    And, it you are so concerned about their monuments, why are you flaming in the Net, but not standing in Khimki, the Russian town which broke down the monument to your heroes, for example?

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  8. It’s a typical example of the Baltic anti-Russian propaganda wagon! Strange how there isn’t a pretend SS torcher weekend available for us all to enjoy in the Baltics…!

  9. This site a false lie!

    These not images of prison camp. Is secondary school from my willage. I can recognize Head Master Krashnopovas in photo #2. He really care about students. Is nice to see that school still executing political students in dungeon.

  10. And look at you what a hero! SS league were the worst of all the nazis! And you are praising them.

    I don’t blame you, all Baltic presidents are are American lapdogs who spread their anti soviet propaganda.

    • There was no SS praising in the comments above. You are making things up. Yes, Baltic men fought on both sides, because they were forced to.
      There is nothing wrong with spreading anti soviet propaganda, since soviet is/was evil, criminal, enslaving establishment, which, like Nazi movement, shouldn’t have existed.

  11. Here we go again… ;).
    I as an Estonian must say, that any kind of occupation weather it is Soviet, German, Russian or American is bad. If you want to know why soviet soldiers were not respected during the 2WW, the answer is very simple. They had no manners and of course the Germans did not deport 150 Estonians to Siberia. Thats it.


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  13. This looks to me like a circus similar to “The Museum of Communism” in Prague, which is nothing but a cheap tourist show with no historical/ethic value.

  14. Communists were worse than Nazis and killed more people. Also, whereas the Nazi party is forbidden in Germany, communist party is not forbidden in Russia. Where is the communist apology?

    By the way, this site is in English. It’s disrespectful of you to use Russian.

  15. Atrium, ты лично считал или ты судишь читая “демократическую” прессу? Какие извинения, за что, за Игналинскую АЭС, за современные порты или за тысячи фашистких пособников которых за дело судили ( как и во Франции вишистов судили и расстреливали, США которо интернировало собственных граждан японско-германского происхождения так, на всякий случай, и где обвинения в сторону Цитадели Демократии)?

    • And for 300000 Lithuanians sent to Siberia. Before WW2 Lithuanian economy was stronger than Finnish. What really soviets gave to Lithuanian is 300000 of deportations and backward-looking economy.

  16. I love it! More proof that my Russian friends were the “great masters” who really knew how to educate young women and train them for future. As seen here–begin with asking young women to be a “political prisoner,” and before you know it, they will be dressed in leather straps, wearing stiletto heels, and spreading a anal lube everywhere!

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  18. Para bellum, убей сибя ап унитас намазанный йадам, мудаг! (and all the rest of you soviet fossils).

  19. How can some people fail to see the propaganda in this? It is very clear that the Baltic states have been the first to denounce Russia and court NATO.

    And concerning the murder accusations against the USSR, so what? Hasn’t every single empire killed people for their opposing views?

    PS: For the record, I’m not Russian nor German nor American.

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  21. 20 millions…
    May be 200 millions?
    And 100 billions childrens killed by Stalin personally.
    Hey you! Did you visit a REAL GULAG?
    Also, did you know that most prisoners in world are hold in USA jails.
    And there are not a goverment jails. There are a private of corporations. The new form of slavery.

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