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  1. Oh, how I love this anthem – the USSR anthem for me (as a non-russian) it is the most beautiful, stirring, uplifting, majestic and solemn anthem of the world!
    Слава Гимн Советского Союза!
    You can say a lot of bad things about the USSR, but I just love that old soviet imagery of that gigantic empire – the only one that could stand up the USA.
    That strange, unknown, somewhat mysterious “evil” empire in the lands of winter and ice, hat was condemned by the whole world and that has risen from a peasant country to a superpower with economy and space science.
    And the fact that the USSR is history now makes it even more emotional, since now I feel a strange feeling of nostalgia for the USSR (though I’ve never been to Russia or Eastern Europe in my life)!
    Long live the USSR in my heart!

    • it is exactly like Russia in itself and like their people.Emotional,majestic,bruttal,romantic, strenuous.It just moves me very deep inside.It should be mankind´s national anthem

  2. Video stops in the middle, right when the Red Army is raising the flag over the Reichstag.

    Yeah “Johnny”, there is something romantic about the USSR now, for westerners (and some old party officials too). I like the anthem too. Also a lot easier to sing than the US anthem.

  3. this video falses the history so painfully. OK, the USSR has it great moments, like huge effort of Russians in wining the 2nd WW or sending first man to space. but, what about Stalin and Lenin, greatest mass-murderes in history, killing not only deliberate enemys but own citizens to? combination of this thrilling anthem with images of Great Purge in mid 30s, killing Polish soldier prisoners in Katyn, or nightmare of Afghanistan War – that would be moving.

    (sorry for mistakes, English isn’t my native language)

  4. A great country indeed. However, in the video they forgot to include the footage of millions of people sent to the prisoner camps in Siberia, polish officers dead in Katyn, millions of people dead of starvation in Ukraine, the occupation of sovereign and independant countries… C’mon people – wake up. USSR was a terrible country – much like the Nazi Germany, why would you want to hail it?

  5. Great hymn and video, yes the ussr was a mighty nation but out of the ashes comes a better one (russia), give her time;
    Да здравствует новая Россия

  6. In Poland there was popular remake of the soviet hymn (started with: ‘Na huj nam swoboda … ‘) and it made that the stir nad majesty have disappeared even in original version.

  7. Beautiful video.
    I also have nostalgia for the Old Russia, this video gives me a good idealist thoughs: “We can all have prosperity working together as brothers for our nation”.
    And nationalism feelings that maybe wasn´t precise with the reality, but the Anthem and this video gives me that sensation of pride and strong, that the russians must have in those days.
    I´m from Central America.

  8. Darek странно слышать такие борзые высказывания от гражданина страны которая всегда стояла раком под кем то, и от тебя CZ чью страну- пособницу фашистов (вы на ура клепали танки для фашистов на Шкоде и ЧКД) не стерли в пыль а унизили школами, больницами, предприятиями за которые вы нас теперь ненавидите.

  9. И еще вы должны знать Пушкина и его стихотворение “Клеветникам России”

  10. И еще, вы должны знать Пушкина и его стихотворение “Клеветникам России”

  11. Write English … or Polish 🙂
    You try to say about ‘a country’ which was always dependant from other ? You think about Russia or about parts of today Russia ?
    Oh, I see you probably don’t know history at all and you think about Poland but not about Russia. Why you don’t know history ? You have some problems with learning ?

    Dependency of Poland from Russia it was short episode in 1000 year history. Why did Putin decide to celebrate the liberation of Moscow from Polish forces in 1612 ?
    In fact only Poles have conquered Moscow in fight (200 years later Franch and Poles under Napoleon Buonaparte generalship entered to Moscow but without defence from Russia forces).

    Normal Poles don’t hate Russians. Many bormal Poles hate, so called, CZERWONA HOŁOTA (The Red Trash) consisted from bolshevick leftists.
    Leaders of bolshevick Czerwona Hołota:
    Dzugaszvili alias Stalin – Georgian,
    Beria – Georgian,
    Uljanov alias Lenin – father Jew, mother Sweden-German origin,
    Bronstein alias Trocki – Jew,
    Dzierżyński – Pole.

    The hate is not from beginning of Soviet times. In fact, bolshevicks did weaken Russia and there was possible Polish win in Russian-Polish war from 1919-1921. It was war about independency and about, in fact, FUTURE OF THE WORLD (if Red Army forces and German communist revolted forces planned to join thogether after collaps of Poland).

    For me it’s a pity that many Russians still go under propaganda of old regime functionaries. Don’t say it’s not true.

  12. The old USSR did many great things, overcame great adversity that was imposed on it from without. In the end it fell victim to the worst of human nature. It was a good effort and an epic time in the long history of Russia which will never be forgotten.

  13. Oh yes. USSR did, indeed, achieve many great things. Gulag and gleichschaltung of four generations, to name a few…
    Yes, it was a country of dreams. The bad ones.

  14. This is one of the best video about of the USSR I’ve ever seen! You can say anything, but I think these was great times in Eastern Europe!

  15. USSR
    Military : 13,600,000
    Civilian : 7,700,000
    Deaths : 21,300,000

    Military : 1,324,000
    Civilian : 10,000,000
    Deaths : 11,324,000

    Military : 3,250,000
    Civilian : 3,810,000
    Deaths : 7,060,000


  16. Russia absolutely has one of the most stirring and emotional national anthems I’ve ever heard. I’ve never read a translation of the words — but I don’t feel that I need to. The music itself speaks volumes about the Russian consciousness.

    I’m also a huge fan of Russian jazz. They borrowed American jazz & blues and put their own spin on it. It’s a dark, moody and soulful as anything I’ve ever heard. I can only wonder why it hasn’t been exported back.

  17. I just LOVE this anthem ! Not many official songs of a whole nation can be compared to this (of course, the Israeli anthem is excellent as well…) The Soviet Union was surely something dreamy, built by trust and hope of the people. Lenin wasn’t THAT bad, he put an end to the foolish world war that Russia was involved in, and made a country of the Bolsheviks’ dream. Stalin did kill a lot, yet thanks to him, the Soviet Union rised from the ashes of the WWII in to the superpower. If there wasn’t Stalin, USSR would never have the 60-70s golden age. Too bad, the blood sacrificed by the people was wasted. The Soviet dreamy castle was broken down to every brick of hope and dream.

  18. Пока полностью непонятно, что там такое происходит, но точно могу сказать, что это не в лучшую сторону!


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