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  1. Sorry, I’m trying again…

    What this one happening there? Here in Brazil, city of Sao Paulo is common 3 hours every day in the hour of the ruch

      • Well, when the Japanese prince-heir was visiting Brasília (the Brazil capital), we got some traffic jam at night… but I have to admit that it was not as long neither as late like this one. In the end, Brasília is acutally privileged in this sense: it has very large streets and low population.

  2. I’m guessing those people are out of their cars trying to figure out what’s up? Why are the cops holding up the traffic? What is going on?

  3. There isnt VIP in Russia!… None of them are actually important – they just made themselves like that. HAhaha – its sad actually.

  4. He’s right. Unless someone with lots of money is automatically considered VIP, like in the USA. IMO a monkey in an expensive car with a flashlight is still a monkey and will always be one. One cannot buy class or style, only imitate it. Like most Russian ‘celebrities’ do…

  5. The traffic is blocked to bypass a governmental cortege.

    @ -md-tt-
    Even in the middle of the night, sometimes. State affairs, you know… 🙂
    But why did you assume it’s a night on the photos? Looks like evening actually… It is late autumn in Moscow and it gets dark pretty early — about 5:30 or 6 PM. Right at this time people start moving home, and the government as well. The traffic increases dramatically, especially from the center towards suburbs. Hence the need to block it temporarily, when some big daddy moves his precious ass home, to provide him a smooth ride. Nothing special, I would say.

  6. Officials stopping traffic happens all over the place. G Bush has done it here in Seattle several times. He has to take a freaking limo to Bellevue not a chopper. Screws up traffic for hours. In june he made me miss my flight at Heathrow in London. Couldn’t use the military airport as requested, had to foul air traffic for half the world.

  7. Вы тут ебнулись что ли все? Спец технику через МКАД перевозили, взрывоопасную, долбаебы….

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