The Sausage Admin

Russian way to cook sausages 1

When Russian system administrators stay at night hacking their systems they might have an urge for some hot food, so the most fast way to get a hot sausage is to… plug it into the wall electric outlet. Just 219 volts of pure energy makes the sausage ready in a few seconds with the LED lamps indicating how is the process going. And yes, don’t do this at home, that’s not safe!

Russian way to cook sausages 2

Russian way to cook sausages 3

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  2. Mother of my friend died because of similar self made device to burn water made from blades.
    Here is details

  3. This modern electric cooking device I give as anaversary gift to wife. Previously she cook hotdog on old style goat dung fire. Hotdog now not as tasty as in old days but is cooked in record time.

    Last photo shows decoratings for Christmas feast. YUMMM!

  4. Aerosquid: That’s an IBM Model M. Those things were built in the mid to late eighties, a time when there was no such thing as a windows key.

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