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  1. Nice project, but i’m quite sure the sound will be awful. The metal will resonate a lot and the enclosures are round, causing all kinds of unwanted reflections in your speaker membranes. A bit of insulating foam will not help you! The best material for a speaker is high density, very heavy and non-reflective material, like MDF or HDF. Metal speakers are out of the question…

  2. I don’t know much about speaker construction, but shouldn’t there be an air hole to let the air travel freely behind the speakers?

    • Well a good sound system is not necessary bass reflex, it can be closed case.

      These ones have terrific look, even if I’m not sure they sound great.

    • No you don’t need an “air hole”. This type of speaker is known as an infinite baffle (IB) speaker.

      The reason for having an enclosure is to ensure that the sound emitted from the back of the speaker doesn’t cancel out the sound from the front of the speaker. So you can use a very large barrier to ensure that there is no cancelation or you can mount the speaker in a sealed box which give the same approximate effect. You will notice, however, that I said approximate; the problem with IB speaker cabinets is that as the cone moves backwards it creates a high pressure area (and a commensurate low pressure area) as the cone moves in and out – the smaller the cabinet the higher the pressure. And the high pressure causes non linearity, ie distortion.

      A box that has a hole in it is called bass reflex.

      For more information (as always): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudspeaker_enclosure 🙂

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  4. My earlier comment didn’t show up for the x-th time, so here it is again…

    These speakers will sound awful. For speakers one should use as dense as possible materials, like MDF or HDF in thick qualities. This in order to prevent resonating and coloring of the sound. Metal is a very bad choice, round enclosures even more: they reflect the sound in weird ways AND resonate…

    And indeed, an air vent will improve distortion-free low frequencies.. although here it will not really make a difference – it will still sound awful.

  5. I wrote a long response to this that didn’t get moderated through, so:

    No. Both ported and sealed enclosures are possible. Each kind has tradeoffs and has to be matched to the speakers used.

  6. uhh, ok…..
    I kept on scrolling down expecting to see something cool come of this. All that work to make a friggin speaker case? Pretty unremarkable.

    • awww that hurts,it’s one of those things that if your really into speakers and making your own then its a very fine art and there are actually a lot of people that are really into it.

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  8. For MaxD:

    This metal is way denser and rigid that any MDF ever made. As for resonation, it may not resonate at all if the sounds produced by speaker don’t match its natural frequency.

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  12. Should have left them in their metal color, they could be mistaken for Bang and Olufsen :D. I’m sure their sound is not that much worse either.

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  15. Hats off to whomever did the mod I agree with A+ as well. If you don’t have anything nice to say then shut the hell up! and take you self righteous criticism’s down the road.


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