Russians in Toronto 1

70 Ain’t no Russian City

Ain’t no Russian City

It's ain't no city somewhere in the middle Russia, it's Toronto. An instant impulse caused by some sport's win of the Russian team caused hundreds of ex Russian people getting all over the city. They had had
the flags ready and handy in their cars and just a few seconds were needed to make a big crowd. It can happen to your city too! Nobody knows how much of the Russian flags stored around you.
Russian Art 1

18 Russian Souvenirs

Russian Souvenirs

If before you could bring back home some Matroshka dolls from your trip to Russia now you can take some new
Russian hits - gift stones painted in popular Western colors like "Marlboro" or "Wrigleys" up there.
Russian car 1

19 It’s not Dirty

It’s not Dirty

This car ain't no dirt. That's an aerography for the car. So did
they spoil the car with such an art or it's so kinda cool?
20 The Human Pixels

The Human Pixels

That's probably the most creative TV ad they had on
the ex-USSR in 2008. In Ukraine, particularly.
23 Russian Oldest Hard Rocker

Russian Oldest Hard Rocker

This one is the oldest heavy metal music lover in Russia. He played heavy metal when even Stalin was alive and you know, heavy metal and all rock'n'roll was
banned in Soviet Russia so there were really just a few of them - and he is the only one survived, in Kondopoga city of Karelia, North West Russia.
Russian soccer 1

26 No Gifts to Fans

No Gifts to Fans

It's usually the soccer fans who cause main problems during the game - running occasionally on the field adding the job to the security. This time it got inverted - one of the players decided to throw his t-shirt to the fans as a gift - but then was roughly stopped by policemen guarding the stadium. Fans got crazy after that
and started throwing the plastic seats on the field. They say that happened because this team was guest playing and won, but policemen were locals and have got behind their team so decided to revenge to the guests and push them hardly. So even people on duty can get involved into the sport battles.
Russia view from planes 1

54 Russian from Plane

Russian from Plane

The photos made from plane of the terrain of Russia. From the cold
Siberia to sub tropical Sochi. The one above is Siberia.
Russian SUV 1

41 Russian SUV

Russian SUV

Russian SUV
Russian Adidas 1

20 Moscow Adidas

Moscow Adidas

In Moscow (MOCKBA in Russian
transcription) they have their own Adidas.
Russian missile launch site 1

37 The Launch Site

The Launch Site

Just some time ago this was a very secured place and none even has ever dreamed to make civil photos here. Now all the machinery, missiles and equipment were
removed and went away in random direction so now no any guards are around and people can make shots of what it was a launch site before.

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