Ain’t no Russian City

Russians in Toronto 1

It’s ain’t no city somewhere in the middle Russia, it’s Toronto. An instant impulse caused by some sport’s win of the Russian team caused hundreds of ex Russian people getting all over the city. They had had the flags ready and handy in their cars and just a few seconds were needed to make a big crowd. It can happen to your city too! Nobody knows how much of the Russian flags stored around you.

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No Gifts to Fans

Russian soccer 1

It’s usually the soccer fans who cause main problems during the game – running occasionally on the field adding the job to the security.
This time it got inverted – one of the players decided to throw his t-shirt to the fans as a gift – but then was roughly stopped by policemen guarding the stadium.
Fans got crazy after that and started throwing the plastic seats on the field.
They say that happened because this team was guest playing and won, but policemen were locals and have got behind their team so decided to revenge to the guests and push them hardly. So even people on duty can get involved into the sport battles.

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