15 thoughts on “Condi at Work”

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  2. It is not shivering from fear – when Charlie Chaplin was making people laugh at “The Great Dictator”, he wasn’t afraid, he wanted to show that power won’t make ourselves good and kind… (“..dictators will die, but liberty will never perish”…”More than machinery we need Humanity, more than cleverness we need Kindness”)
    So when you want to waste your time just think about this words and do not write anything bad about other countries, I’m sure you don’t want anyone to tell bad about your own.

  3. What you hear through your news sources about America and what we read through our newspapers about Russia are not always the true facts. We are all people. Let’s leave politics out of it and get to one another as friends who can share interesting cultural differences. This is why I enjoy reading English Russia. I learn so much about Russia and its people and I know that inside you and I are the same. Politicians don’t make people and newspapers don’t print the truth.

  4. Her new workplace should have bars, door lock with one time only key to lock, and chair connected to a big electric generator.


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