22 thoughts on “Moscow, the Roof View”

  1. Wow. So many changes since I’ve been there last time.
    Is that Moscow-city on N 11?

    It looks exactly like downtown Los Angeles !!!

  2. и че? фотографии гавно, ничего примечательного

    • Господи,орфография просто сводит с ума

    • My tour-guide in Moscow referred to that building and its six replicas as “seven ugly sisters”. My guess would be that that one is Moscow State University, but I could be way off.


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  4. Not all buildings in the pictures are russian style.Stallin copied buildings in New York City for 7 high rises in moscow.The moscow university is one of them.

  5. I think it would be better to show more historical places, old buildings, there are so many beautiful places and streets here In Moscow.
    cant say i’m impressed by pics, though it is a part of the city anyway, real city.But me presonally, do not like such Moscow: modern overcrowded and polluted(

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