And Lube for All

Russian shop 1

This is just a typical Russian mart-like store for everyday needs – grocery, etc.
One of our readers had made a closer look to the goods they sell right near the cashier and was shocked with what items are freely available for everyone right at the cashier between candies and chewing gums. Let’s take a closer look:

Russian shop 2

So this is a place near cashiers. Kids and grown ups all together pay for their goods.

Russian shop 3

And right above it there is a big ad with a kissing pair. It’s marked with a green arrow on the pic above. With the second green arrow you can see an items this ad is for. We can’t see it very clear from here, let’s look closer.

Russian shop 4

Yes, here it is. Need to get bit closer still.

Russian shop 5

So what is that? It’s a sex lubricant from a famous condom making brand, sitting on the best spots around the cashier with a word “Romantic” on it, in two colors with “Strawberry” and “Mint” flavor.

Russian shop 6

And yes there are condoms two.

The reader who submitted this wonders, how often kids ask parents questions like “What is that strawberry thing is used for?”. The Cashiers couldn’t give him any answer but said it’s forbidden to make photos. What a pity.

submitted by GG

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  1. is also next to the register in almost every bigger grocery shop in Poland – it’s a normal thing to use them and really nothing to get so Victorian about. unless you live in some super prudish country…

    • It depends on shops.
      I remember when few years ago I made shopping with my 5 years old daughter. I was in bad humour and during reading shopping list (made by my wife) I read loudly: ‘rubber wellingtons ?!!! What the rubber wellingtons for ?!’.

      My child asked: ‘daddy, what for we want the rubber wellingtons ?!’.
      ‘Oh … hm … I think that mummy has made mistake’.

      Then I went to cosmetics section and started to take some condoms.
      My daughter asked: daddy, why there is a strawberry on the item ?.
      – Hm, hony, it’s wet hanky in this pack with strawberry flavour.
      Then I took last few condoms from other sort.

      And my daughter asked again: daddy, why there is TWO SMILING GHOST on the picture ?

  2. yes, it’s uncommon in US… country full of too religious poeple…
    Sometime I wonder if it’s not better to live in Saudi Arabia

  3. Its common too in China, we can find condoms in many places, especially in most convenient stores (7Eleven…), just next to the cashier, and near the candies 😀

  4. You find condoms and lubricant freely available in all stores in Belgium. No need to go to a pharmacy or ask the cashier…

    It’s nothing to be ashamed of… When your kid asks what it is, you just answer that you better had worn it when you had intercourse with his/her mother :p

  5. Hey, what’s wrong with that? It’s a part of one’s life, why are you so offenced? It’s normal in Czech republic where I live. And if a kid asks, he/she should get a true answer. Come on. We are not living in middle ages. It’s the same as you would be shy for buying a toilet paper.

  6. Where I live, condoms are sold at the cash point, lubricant is sold in the same department as toothpaste, pantyliners, shaving foam etc.
    What the photo suggests to me is an indecisive customer who did not bother to put the goods back to their racks, leaving them at the cashier´s instead.
    Quite common.

  7. This is normal in Slovenia, too – except the lube thing he he 🙂 Americans don’t sell condoms on the counter of a grocery stores?

  8. It’s a question of ethics. The management should consider the type of customers that shop there. What you consider normal is nor necessarily normal to other people. I’d favor a more discreet placement of such items as tampons, condoms and sex lube.

  9. In Finland it’s also completely normal to have comdoms next to the cashier in supermarkets.

    Perhaps in the USA it would be considered weird – but then again, in USA they probably have guns for sale next to cashier’s… Whatever suits your fancy though, after all, they take care of the same thing – condoms are used to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and guns are used to take care of the results of unwanted pregnancies.

  10. Although historically being criticised it is the Russian modernism that get over with the sex. May be not completely but still promising, Russians and western Asia seem to have some moral know-how for sexual liberation.

    On the western side the last assault for the “perfect freedom” was that of the hippies, which short-circuited very shortly. Nothing lost and nothing gained. Overly masculine dialects just don’t let. And the wesstern extremity, the US. Sadly it is not as modern as it was back in the 1970’s.

  11. Oh this is SO unexciting. It’s somewhat unlikely to see sex products near the cash register in a grocery here in Germany, but they will be displayed visibly in the body care section. You will also find them at cash register in drugstores such as DM/Schlecker/Kaiser’s and whatnot.

  12. What’s the problem here? Washing powder, potatoes, condoms, lube. It doesn’t say children’s store anywhere, does it? They sell alcohol in normal shops as well. They sell magazines with violence and nudity. Locking up the kids at home seems the only solution, or let them face the world we live in. And when the kids ask what stuff is for – tell them the way it is. This says more of the complexes of the commenter.

    – Max, Swedish citizes livng and working in Russia since many years back.

  13. So what..

    In canada condoms and lubes are sold in regular stores too..
    In fact Shoppers Drug Mart is the place to go for this everyday product..
    They got toys and diapers in one isle.. and condoms in the next… I don’t see anyone complain about that…

  14. Really?
    In all store’s I’ve been, the condoms are somewhere near other men’s hygiene products, such razors and male oriented deodorant and shampoo brands.

    That said, lube hasn’t been in the selection of normal groceries. One chain recently introduced a set of sex toys (including lube) causing minor controversy, but that has diminished quickly.
    If the set is discarded, that probably is because women prefer real toys of sex shops over the conventional and inobtrusive ones of market. 😛

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