26 thoughts on “Mixed Daily Shots”

  1. I think I saw picture 3 somewhere already… the rusty container, though, was not located in Russia, but somewhere in Central or Southern America.
    Is it possible the photo is a copy of an old Coke ad?

    • Yes, it was my dog; R.I.P


  2. We can see again: Russia the diverse and interesting country with the many diverse and good people!!Large peoples!!!Too failure,there is also Caucasians,too many ” blacks”,nasty of leeches which must they send to GULAG as soon as possibly!!!!! we NASHI,we have support from Kremlin!!!! will hunt them in order to send,thiefs,rapists,and to GULAG or grave, to never the return!!!!!!!

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  4. Stalingrad Corner



  5. That dog carrying a sign is in fact from Tampere, Finland, not from Russia. The proud owner (and photographer) is a well-known mental midget who likes to show people pictures of his super-schäfers doing various things (okay, mostly pooping) around the Hervanta district.

    • Comment by Prole
      2008-10-28 06:00:17
      That dog carrying a sign

      “Prole” is well-known finnish homosexuel pedophil who is in jail now.
      BTW very many finnish people is homosexuel and pedophil.
      Finnish national sport is alcoholisn and kill she self and family.

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