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  1. Here in Germany we’re often told that Soviet Army didn’t stand a chance against the US army and US army was so better and Soviets had not much and old material.
    But the more pictures I see here, the more I gain respect for the Красная Армия, they must have been really strong and powerful and mighty, I like these huge submarines like giant whales with the aesthetically pleasing flag with the centered, symmetric star!

    • Are you serious ? If it looks nice or if its big it does not imply that it actually is good.
      Agreed, Russian army and navy should not be underestimated, but soon started in many aspects lagging behind. I.e, when the world started to be dominated by microprocessors, we still stuck to the old transitors and valves (70s and 80s). Computers were rather primitive, if they were functioning.

      Even today the Russian army has problems with i.e. their communications, like in Chechnya and in Georgia COs were often forced to use their private mobile phones to call to base camp, simply because the existing communications structure was not functioning and severely outdated. Actually, this war should not have lasted much longer because Russia simply could not afford it, both money-wise and material-wise.

      • True, but valves are also used because they’re much, much more reliable than microprocessors. Microchips can burn out and fail, but valves are much easier to maintain and last a lot longer.

      • From what I’ve seen, Russian military vehicles usually are bigger and cheaper with more raw power and reliability (and look much more awesome), even though they’re lower-tech.

        Also, the old electronics are MUCH more resistant than microchips, which usually burn out in an EMP (electro-magnetic-pulse) while most of older and sturdier electronics survive.

  2. The fifth picture is not a submarine, but a huge anti-ship missile, as it is carried by russian Submarines and Cruisers.
    Either P-700 Granit or P-500 Bazalt, I would say.

  3. I wondered if you could translate that for “strictly” english speakers (BTW not american, brazilian) …

    Thanks, I really like your site 🙂

  4. Remember the USS Scorpion and USS Thresher, both lost with all hands. No matter what flag a submarine sails under it’s a dangerous business.

  5. Well, look at the time stamps of the pictures. This was only up to 1993. All the countries have better submarines, including Russia.
    Actually back then, I believe German subs were still the most advanced and feared. Germans always had a great grasp of mechanics and technology, and after WWII, a lot of countries, including USA and Russia, inherited their technology, so I can only imagine what the Germans have.
    Our submarines are friendly, and the polar bear is the proof 🙂 He’s also our sonar/spy 🙂
    Miss India, you and Zarafad should have your own thread elsewhere, claiming your pointless nonsense…

  6. Much as I hate to get involved, Zafarad. I’m not sure that the best way to show you’re proud of your country (anyone, any country) is to shove your cock (sorry soldiers/tanks) in everyone elses face. It appears that Russia has plenty to be proud about other than military strength..

  7. The american nuclear submarines “Scorpion” and “Tresher” have sunk with all crew.
    On “Tresher” 129 persons were lost.
    On “Scorpion” 99 persons were lost.
    There were many incidents with fires, collisions etc.

  8. Who say’s Russia is Poor, they have the monopoly on gas-distrubition for a big part 2 asia and for the whole Europe.
    A lot’s of reserves (oil) and minerals aren’t exploited yet, I think Russia is fully loaded with money, only they don’t use it.

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  10. Just as I expected…I’d be called a traitor even though I love my country, more so than Zarafad, but I am smart and mature enough not to put down others by making thoughtless claims that will only aspire hatred towards Russia.
    Russia is great and for those who have grown up there, it is our homeland and what we’ve grown up to love no matter how it is. There cannot be any comparison, since each person here is used to their own standard of living, and obviously Russia is not for everyone, but saying that it is the greatest land out there is senseless.
    Zarafad, you remind me of kids in the States that have grown up in the USA from a very early age and know nothing about the “motherland”, so they stick to making aggressive claims, making them sound like lunatics. Grow up, kid

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